Generic Versions Of Every Ride & Coaster Train

This has been touched upon in various threads, but I couldn't find one dedicated to discussing it (apologies if there is one, the search function on here isn't the greatest).

It's great to have some really nice pre-themed rides, but I really think we need generic versions of all of them. Looking at things like the Junior and Accelerator coaster trains, as well as some flat rides (e.g. Genie, Magic Twirl, Rocktopus), there's no way to make your own theme with them.

To put it into perspective, you wouldn't have a whale going through a fantasy-themed kiddie coaster (unless it was a magic whale), and since you can make so many themes with modular buildings, you'd never be able to make a train for every theme. Another simpler example would be if you wanted a launched coaster without a racing theme.

Obviously it'd mean modelling a bunch of new things, but it would really help.

EDIT: Of course I find an existing thread right after making this one -.-
Welp, I did make some slightly different points, but this thread can be removed.
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