Distant Worlds II Event Geology and Organics Department


*Information may change as the expedition draws nearer. Stay tuned for any changes



TEAM LEADERS: [FONT=wfont_2a318d_85ef097dc2324a55b62ec7b53899a711]MadRaptor | [/FONT][FONT=wfont_2a318d_85ef097dc2324a55b62ec7b53899a711]Sajime Chent-Shi | Alistair Hope

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.”

-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The time for adventure is upon us. With new tools, and new things to discover, the universe is more alive than it ever has been before. Out there, among the stars, lie planets waiting to give up their secrets to any explorer willing to make the journey and make that journey we will.

As a member of the Geology and Organics Department you will be tasked with uncovering these places of beauty and mystery and sharing them with the rest of the galaxy. You will spend your time locating planets with high geological and organic potential and then make your way to any candidate for further mapping and study. To do this there are various roles, as follows:

Scout: The scouts job may be simple but it is very important. You will be tasked with going ahead of the Mappers, Specialist and RPers and finding those juicy planets with good geological and organic potential. Using the appropriate sheets you will submit locations with high Geologic POI's and Organic POI's to help facilitate the various teams in quickly deciding what sites require further study.

Mappers: Using the data provided by the scouts, you will be landing at these sites and capturing images and data (IE: Lat & Long; Type of Planet; Type of Organic or Geologic Type; Images & Video)

Organic Specialist: You are all about life and it's many possibilities. You will use the data gathered by the scouts to find planets with awesome organic potential. You will then map these sites and gather data similar to the mappers but pertaining only to Organic sites.

Geology Specialist: You're best friend is a rock, simple as that and you are always out to find more. As a specialist in Geology you will use the data provided by the scouts to choose sits of high geological activity. Using the same criteria for the mappers you will then collect data and map these sites.

Jacks of All Trades: Well aren't yo special... :) You like to do it all. From scanning and hunting down POI's, to mapping and data gathering. So, go at it. Do as you please and enjoy the journey!

Light RPers: You like to get a little bit more personal. Here you can meet up with other RPers and as you travel the galaxy finding various organic and geological sites you can theorize on how they may have come about. Use data you gather to form reports that back up your theory and share them with the community. Live the life!

Feel free to come along just for the ride as well. You are not required to take on any of these roles and are free to just join the Geology and Organics department as a traveler, looking for discoveries and enjoying an adventure of a life time.

Also, to go along with this thread there will be a companion website. This website will be a more interactive way of experiencing the Geology and Organics Department. It will house video and screenshots, site showcases, event details and times, ETC.

Thank you for being a part of DW2: A Journey of Discovery and thank you for choosing to sign up for the Geology and Organics Department. Our goal is to make sure this journey is as stress free and fun filled as possible. You can also take pride in knowing that your discoveries will be shared with the community for all to enjoy and you just might uncover things never before seen.





Main DW2 Thread

Geologic and Organic Department Website

MWSOG Website

MWSOG Thread

[URL="https://airtable.com/shrkT5EMjE9DmsZyY"]Role Sign-Up[/URL]

Scouting Report and Assignment Sheets

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Event: Geyser Shot
Dates: 2/2/2019 & 3/2/2019
Time: All Day* (Live Events** - 17:00 utc - 20:00 utc)
System: Pru Aescs WT-Y c14-23
Planet: 5 B
Geo Site(s)****: #5 & #6

Info: Come take a ride on the geysers. Choose your best 3 jumps and winners will be announced at the next BaseCamp

Score Sheet Here: <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-0cosHwJKx3zkRWhwboS9miJq4Fq7QH0Djd_mKrKVSk/edit#gid=0> ***


All Day*: For those who can't make those times you can use the score sheet above to keep track of your three attempts. This allows for peple to take part all weekend long. Check the sheet to make sure
your height still remains at the top!

Live Event**: For the live event, members of the Geo/Bio department will be on hand to participate, answer any questions and just join in on the fun.

Scoring***: You can jump any many times as you want but you will only allow to be put your three best heights, or height of choices in the score sheet.

Geo Sites****: We have chosen geo sites 5 & 6. This is due to the fact that sometimes geysers just like to be uncooperative. Site 5 is the main choice, and it is in darkness around those times.
Site 6 is a little bit less active but will be in light during these times.

Voice Chat: DW2 Wing 3
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Beta definitely spoiled me this time around. Dont know if i'm going to want to go back to playing until the update goes live.

The beta spoiled me too, luckily we'll have it all live next Tuesday!!!!

Count me in for the DWE2 as a Jack of all Trades geologist. I'll be probing surfaces along the entire way on the trip, along with hunting any stellar phenomena too.
This sounds like a cool project. I'm still not sure what I'll be doing yet though. I'm signed up as an explorer/scientist, and definitely want to see what can be determined about the distribution of biology and other phenomena. But I may be doing more on the programming side rather than data collection, depending on what becomes available. Time will tell.
The beta spoiled me too, luckily we'll have it all live next Tuesday!!!!

Count me in for the DWE2 as a Jack of all Trades geologist. I'll be probing surfaces along the entire way on the trip, along with hunting any stellar phenomena too.

Right. I did good bit getting myself over excite but fdev did better at surprising me. So much is improved and so much new things to find and it's nice to know they let's stuff from the beta.....that mysterious new codex phenomenon from the trailer....can't wait.
What does a crazy space lizard and a milky way cat have in common?


Mr Madraptor, I am going to alter my intended ship for DW2 from mining to sciencey, consider me sold on being a scout and 'Jack of all trades'... Looking forward to all the science, an occasional tea and biscuit with Kerbinator, and fascinating discoveries on high tidal stress bodies.

...Did that last part sound kinky?
Love seeing the enthusiasm from fellow geo geeks like myself....and having some real life geologists in the mix is awesome. Wished I would have taken that route during my school days. This should be a a great adventure.

also, only a little bit Kinky, Spacecat! :)
I think this will be my main time sink during the journey, now that we have proper tools for It beyond the old MK1 eyeballing.

I found myself probing and flying down to a lot of surface sites in the beta. Scanning them isn't worth much, but I simply like investigating them to search for scenic vistas and such. Some people might see that as wasted time because it's not profitable, but I don't explore to make credits, I do it to find and see things and the new mechanics lend themselves to that end supremely!

It's going to slow me down on the DWE2 I just know it, LOL!
Yeah, definitely agree. I didn't spend a huge amount of time in the beta, but the few geological sites I visited were very scenic spots. I had some good luck there, with how they aligned with mountains and other planets in the sky above. I really felt the fact that I was on a distant, alien world.
Just an FYI. Bring more than 0 shields to investigate these things. Some of the biologicals defend themselves. I have a 3C biweave and they took it down. Don't know what else might be out there.
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