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[GER] Wrong comma and points for money amounts. !URGENT!


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected
Text and User Interface


In german language there are wrong comma and points for money amounts. ( I just notice that because I bought this game a few days before)
As Example: 1,000.50 $
(thousend dollar and fifty cent)

This is absolutely wrong IN germany !!! (but correct in english format, I know)

This must be corrected to (because it is totally stupid!):
1.000,50 $
Pay attention to the comma and the point.

(Another Examples which are correct in german language: 1,25 $ (one dollar and twentyfive), 5.250,00 $ (five thousend and twohundredfifty dollar) )
So, as you can see in german language amounts about thousend will seperated with a point instead of a comma and smaller amounts below thousend will be separated always with a comma!

You can follow this link to know more about comma and points for money amounts, cos i can't understand why you (and other peepz) never noticed that(!!!):
Head for the title "Examples of use" and then search for Germany! ^_~

Hopefully you'll correct this horrifying disaster in the next patch because every other boring game can handle this. And I tell you, this makes me a lot angry for paying 40 Euros to play a real nice game which can't handle "correct" money amounts!
Thank you very much!

Best regards, KitKat from Bremen/Germany

Ps.: It IS a great game! Thank you for this! I'd loved to pay so much money for it because I always wanted a game like this. Was a hudge fan to Theme Park World! ^_~
Just: Thank you! ♥

Steps to Reproduce
It's overall in the game.