Geraldine Stepping Down as Moderator

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Michael Brookes

Game Director
Hi everyone,

this is just a quick post to let everyone know that Geraldine is stepping down as a moderator on these forums. I'm sure you'll respect her choice as her own but I did want to take the opportunity to express my thanks publicly for her sterling service on the forums. Her dedication has been instrumental in helping to build the community and to keep it in line when needed! :)

Thanks Geraldine.

I'd like to add my thanks for all the time and effort you've put in over the years, keeping the peace and making these forums such a friendly place :)
Hope you'll still be sticking around though.

Philip Coutts

Volunteer Moderator
Really sad to hear that. Geraldine was the first person to welcome me to the boards when I started. Really great mod and her input will be missed.

Thanks for all the modding Geraldine, you're a star :D
A subtle and friendly mod - she was great for sure and is a loss to the forums. :(

Best wishes in your retirement Geraldine - you can just dedicate yourself to enjoying the game now. :)
Good luck in your other adventures Geraldine. Going to miss those calm words, during heated debates. :)


Elite Greeter
All the best and beyond Geraldine! The overwhelming feeling here is you’ll be missed more than we can imagine. We hope you stay with us on some capacity? Kudos and thank you for your invaluable dedication across the board. Take care and Elite!
Thanks Geraldine,

I always found you to take a positive and encouraging approach on the forums here (and elsewhere!), that is something we all can take a lesson from.

All the best!
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