Gernots old school retro gaming thread

what i like to see here,
post your favorite old school game
system(s) you used
dislikes and likes
your personal story how you became a gamer
and what became of that

Got that idea because i posted to what games i play if not ED, now i can't play this because of two reasons, lack of funds and no access to web at home.
But i can play a vast amount of games from the past which costs me nothing.

Got that idea because of Frontier and nothing else as Frontier.

Playing computer games since approx. 1980 i can look back to a lot i played and even much more i never touched.

It started to me with "pong" which was quite before 1980, my dad was a diy electronics engineer and made a pong and a lightgun game for me, the lightgun he made from a pellet gun and of course the needed opto electronic sensor to "hit" the spot on the screen.

The console was disassambled by him self after some years, he doesn't liked and claimed it would harm the tube, which isn't true for sure (apart from the burn in) but i guess he feared more to miss his daily news on tv which was like a drug to him.

Later i always liked to obtain one but my dad was against it and also claimed that they are tard, he had still the Odyssee in mind with the overlayed foils on screen and claimed also that this is a cheat and it's basically all the same game only the used pins vary due to the plugged in cards.

When i started my education and received my first own money i spent 90% of it in coin op's, after a while i decided to buy a console because it would spare me some money.
My decision was the Intellivision of which i thought it was the most advanced of the available ones, the ATARI was already a little outdated and i couldn't get warm with the sprite based stuff of Coleco, it was so poor animated, but it seemed the mass liked it better, they liked to press a single button in rocky and see his stupid grin instead of an advanced sports game, as example.
Still i'm addicted to this console and the concept behind.

Surprisingly dad also liked it and we played quite often, but as i said it stole him to much time from watching tv.
Thus i bought as next a own tv set.
For a boy who liked to play foremost shoot 'em ups it was a uncommon decision i guess to buy a console which made his success with sport games.
Couch sport became a main factor and i never liked what was published those days for other systems or for the upcoming C64.
Graphically maybe better (as far as animations made of two sprites are "graphically better" it's debatable) but with far less gameplay.
I learned that shoot 'em ups aren't the best to play at home.

I'm a weird dude and my second inty (first broke because of ???) i smashed on the wall because of frustration over a game.
I bought me a third one used that was already late i guess in 1986.
It didn't lasted to long and the controllers broke, i lost a interest in gaming and lost my mind completely i became member to a religious sect.
However it was stashed away and later disassambled by dad because he thought i won't use it anymore.


the leftover(s)

Aftef the excurse to "higher spheres of beeing" i turned to be normal and bought me a SEGA master system, yep i always decided for the losing system ;)
No, i hated the nintendo games, they are - i don't know with a couple of exclusions they aren't good, "advantage to the child" take soccer as excample, i liked the inty soccer much but i disliked the idea of a soccer game where a certain team will win always, even when this was the german team and i'm a german but such is tard.
You could leave the game on without to play and the german team will win. It doesn't depended on your skill if you won or not.

C'mon SEGA was 100 times better as nintendo, with the exception of mario & zelda, that's it.
But again customers was misleaded by advertising one could say.
I guess SEGA made some hard faults, if i look at the packaging for europe and USA it was miserable, it leaks of catchy images and well unfortunately like for vinyls this is the first a customer reacts to the image on the box/envelope.
But it's a hard business and i guess even baseball clubs have been used to convince retailers or simply bribery and if that didn't worked out then baseball clubs.
SEGA offered quite good sport games and this might have caused my dislike of nintendo, also and of course i could never stand to use what the mass liked.
Whatever was popular and liked by most i had to dislike, games, movies, music.

Listened only to '50 rock 'n roll
Watched only classic movies
Played the "losing system"

I guess this is still to recognize by my posted music clips i.e. it must be something unconventional else it's not good.

A friend lendet me a A500 and from then on my SEGA was forgotten, everything else was forgotten.
I bought a A2000 (later he gifted the A500 to me) and i became addicted to the amiga.

Beeing out of "deep valley" in switzerland most wasn't known to me. To buy an amiga game i haven't many options one single shop 50km from my home so it took me a little while until the CD32 was released and with it i discovered Frontier.
It was gifted to me by the same dude who gifted me the A500 because he disliked the game, he's one of those who can't get warm with an open world he liked Lemmings i hated them.

End of the line, no other game i played for a long time, it was my absolute favorite, i loved it, it was a dream come true to me, even when it was a late dream come true.
It was a dream come true because i dreamed of it, i liked the space shooters back in the '80s and i dreamed of something more complete, something...

...something like Frontier.

In between, or shortly before i had an amiga (1990 exactly), i lived still with my parents and dad bought a PC, thus i bought and played some of the PC releases from back then, mostly i played SimCity and SimEarth. SimCity became to a favorite while it was replaced by Frontier later.
At this point the A500 was still far better as a 3000$ expensive ibm doze, it wasn't good for gaming, it was good for almost nothing with a blown up OS which left no power for the applications to run except a word or a spreadsheet. Most you had to start from the floppy likewise for the miggy but with a lot of drawbacks compared to the miggy.
From sluggish analogue joysticks over less colors to miserable sound.

Emulators today might give the wrong impression, because the machine, cards and peripherals was to expensive for gaming.
You was happy to have a basic 386 with a nameless adlib sound card and a minimal graphics card.
Many games had only beeps as sound but you needed the soundcard to connect the sluggish joystick.

Besides i still own the joysticks, unbranded from "interdiscount" a swiss consumer electronics discounter.

That's not the amstrad stick i posted already this is my own "microspot", the other image i downloaded once because i haven't had the photo at hand but it's my common icon for "games".
Recently i can't use them anymore, my old computer strikes because of a burned power supply (and i'm to lazy to fix it) but it would still hold a sb card to connect such a cripple and it runs an old XP.
As soon as i fixed it i will degrade the OS to win98 just to play the dos games unemulated.
A multisync monitor still lurks around to which i could also use for my amigas but i didn't even know if it still works.

I'm not a collector even if i hold some old stuff i just use it up and don't mind about boxes or condition, it has to work that's what is relevant to me.
I would never spend one cent for such
Shark! Shark! (1982) (Mattel)_s.jpg

But some of my comrades at atari-age would because this box is a rarity in the states.

Marriage, children, kept me away from gaming, mostly, but i spent a lot of time playing games with my stepson on a used SNES (aha, so he likes it nonetheless).
He broke also my CD32, dunno how he's one of those with a bad hand while i have a golden one, whatever i touch fixes itself in a magical way whatever he touches breaks apart in a magical way. He's not interested in technical things and hasn't the right attitude.

Divorce and the return of addicted gaming, it turned to everything which was left of me.
I lost everything with divorce, it's not about the money it's about that you lose one life and have to start a new game.
For a hole year i hided in a small cabin didn't worked neither i lived on welfare, i have no idea by what i lived - rice and tea like an eremite and picked up cigarette stumps.
I had an old simens laptop to fumble around with with a win98 on it (in 2008!).
I played again Frontier the second game i had on the laptop was Railroad Tycoon II.
For the latter i created some scenarios.
For Frontier i downloaded once an article of "Theunis de Jong" (before divorce already) about the objects in Frontier.
I started to hack the game, it became to a passion.

I started to work again and that was the point when i met you girls and guys here.
Stumbled over "Pioneer", first i spent no attention to it and it was Geraldine who attracted me to it, who told me that it is more as just an experiment.
From then on then there was no stopping, having created already some 3D models this was my sandbox, my playground.

The very first i created a couple of years before, shortly before i was divorced.
I liked to play NFS4 and discovered a full mod named "need for space" where all tracks was changed to a space environment and instead of cars you ran spaceships over the track.
But his selected models was far to large, it's no fun curving around in an enterprise.

Because i'm addicted Frontier player obviousely i started to implement some ships from FE2.

Using CarCAD i created my first 3D model and it had to be the "imperial courier".

A hell of work with this program, i finished the model for NFS4 using "z-modeler", but the basic model i made in this way.


The model how i used it for "need for space"
i made a couple of other derivates but far not as good as this one.

Like i said after the pause of a beeing as eremite, i first discovered here FFED3D and of course the courier had to be pimped up for this game again i used "z-modeler" for this


The wings are still not retractable on this model.
I downloaded a hacked "3ds max" and added the retractable wing part(s).

Of course FFED3D had a Courier model already and even for this ship i had no real use

before i started to fill "pioneer" with a wide variety of ships.

recent state of the "courier"

I will end here before i leave the topic of retro gaming completely and wait what will be replyed, i'm curious.

(feel free to kick my steve)
i am the spin off ;)

"Phoenix" it is named.

Still i'm listed as co-dev in "pioneer space sim" but didn't contributed to it since 2013 i guess.

ts spin off, if you ask me "Pioneer" is now the spin off of "Pioneer" if you know what i mean.
In other words "Phoenix" should become what i saw in "Pioneer Space Sim"

I wouldn't say they didn't made a good job, but...
Things like this
show me that they lost the trail for certain things.
He never played a similar game and he's out, he don't know what to do and how.

Imho the HUD is completely overloaded with useless data.
Any newbe will be strained by the many tid bits and 50% of them have no real use to play the game.

Recently the release hasn't even a documentation and neither the wiki is updated to the new look, sure this could be changed easy at least for the doc files.
All this theoretical stuff about space flight isn't needed to play this game, it's still FE2ish and doesn't needs such.

I criticized such early that's why i departed, i guess i criticized to hard.
I criticized a lot from on the unbeatable AI to the use of co-pilots to win against the unbeatable AI, not only the decision to remove the LUA scripted geometry.

I'm just a modeler but i have quite different ideas how it should be to play and how it should "feel".
Many things i criticized are still unsolved like to have different architecture fo hostile and outdoor worlds, i think this would be important.
Therefore they added more and more tid bits.
The missions are cool but most new is based on walterar's work i guess.
But i suggested very early to chain them to larger missions instead to have them stand alone, a lot could be done the missions are the core of the gameplay.
The decision to use .json scripts instead of .lua makes no sense to me (script language a is what script language b is) and further it counteracts to the modifiability of the game. Since that you can't replace a lot of modules or models, you have to use the content so modding or complete mods like a FE2 environment become impossible and i feel this is done willingly, like many other things of which i think was done willingly to prevent, to prevent, to prevent.

I don't like to prevent from nothing except to prevent.

I would like to bring it a little to the state it was once, foremost with a less hard AI.

clip of a space battle with three offending ships involved:
"which version is that?"
"alpha6, i'm sorry you can't download it anymore" (they discarded all old releases after the new team was created which speaks also for itself)

this a player will like a hard but to win battle but not a unbeatable AI which blasts you to pieces before you can notice it.

Neither i found the idea of "Paragon" a good one, i only own a miserable notebook or another mediacre computer and i can't afford a machine to play such a gfx processor hungry game and i guess i'm not the only one.

Walterars "scout +" was a good idea, he wrote fantastic mission scripts.
It is due to the implementation of my ships a little inconsistent in appearance.
I will see how much i can use of it in future, i would like a scripting like we had at start, easier to understand for a player who likes to mod the game himself (also called "dirty scripted" by the recent devs. To criticizise the original dev? I never would dare to. He had an idea behind and could have certainly done it better, but the goal was to make it understandable), no useless language support, i never played FE2 in a different language as english and likewise Tom Morton stated once very early: "it's not much english needed to play the game".
Unfortunately he never published his source and we must now expect the worst, he didn't showed up since long and didn't respondet to my mails.
Walterar told me once he didn't feels well, i guess "Scout +" was first to keep his mind fit and second his legacy.

"Vuzz" mainly collected and kept the LMR alive for his derivate "Genesia" until ED was released he stated that it won't make longer sense to him.

So yes i guess i'm the last who actively works on a spin off.

Further, it isn't much needed most is there but you have to do something with it and not only to collect it.
Already to put the player at start in a far off system is gameplay and i didn't had to write one line of code, almost not i just changed the menu.
To start with an unequipped unarmed and not hyperspace capeable shuttle is already gameplay.

The character implemetation was a very good idea but it went in the wrong direction imho.
A player must not know his own character value, either you know who you are or not.
But it has to influence the response of the game to you this is the important thing, one could influence missions but exactly for such they have to be lightweighted, i even thought of to generate missions, but all this will only work if it's simplyfied.
Better only one value and use it right as ten and don't use it at all.

But overall i'm just a modeler and it exceeds my capabilities or i will have to learn a lot in the near future.
To write or work on a single mission script is to me 10 times harder as to script a model.
To work on the source is "hrmpf" extremely hard for me, certain things i did already for "Sputnik" how i entitled the project a couple of years ago but i lost this project.
But such cost me a full day for a little change and countless tries to test if it will work as i expected.
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Even a critic is a good reply.

What shall i post here, next oldie?
Why not.

A classic classic SimCity, everyone will know this it was a breakthrough to me something which was completely different to all i played before.
For quite a long time i was addicted to it, i first played it on dad's PC and then on my miggy for countless hours.
I can't tell which i like better, graphically is the amiga version better in my opinion but it's also harder as the PC version.
The CD-ROM version from Interplay which i discovered a couple of years ago beats the amiga version but it was unknown to me.
You will get quite soon bored of the cheesy clips but the higher resolution and harder gameplay is what differs.
While "cheesy clips" some advertises are just great.
They are from well known non profit organisations as greenpeace.
I would like to have such in "Phoenix".

It seems to be recently very popular to talk about environmental problems.
But i won't rant here about this even if it uprages me a lot.
Just one thing, we knew it, my generation todays elite knew it, but they preferred to take as long as they can.
So you 16 to 20 year old youngsters ask your parents the "elite" why we haven't done something against it if we knew it, why we only thought about profit and still do if companies claim to do something for environment, it's mostly a blatant lie.
Before i move to the sequels of SimCity or preferably one SC2K i will hang on to this environmental economical problems which are a good thematic for a game in my opinion.

One which is as old as SimCity is "Ökolopoly", it's a german game and it's not really a game rather a simulation respectively a cybernetic model. In it you find what we need to live or what we know recently, industry, politics, education, environment, overpopulation. Cybernetics in this sense is a bit outdated, todays maxime is "synergy" because if i say synergy i mean by that "you work and i take the profit", a cybernetic model will show immediatly where the dead wood is, who only takes energy and outputs nothing or only little, that's the simple reason why they claim that the cybernetic model isn't true.

I wont tell to much also that is very long ago and i could err.

I found a clip and even a link where it's to download, that suprised me a little because a few years ago i was searching for it without success except for a newer release which must be bought and the board game on which it is based.

here's the page to download it, it's like i said unfortunately only available in german

Ökolopoly at "good old days"
Really like what you did with the Courier from FE2. That was my favourite ship from back then. reminded me of "Liberator" from "Blake's Seven" but with the top wing lopped off.

I started writing 6502 code in hex, without an assembler, on an ORIC-1 but gave up programming when a game I was crafting got destroyed when the pooter froze while saving the latest code to cassette tape. Wiped 6 months work. That's when I learned to git gud at backups.....

Was a neat idea too - one nobody else has come up with. As far as I know. Might revisit it when I retire.....

Personally I miss Larry Bond's 'Harpoon'. Would be so easy to port that onto Android.

edit ----- and Geoff Crammonds GP2. That was brilliant. And Indycar Racing from 1996. Oh boy, you've got me started now.....
Another one in this genre of "ecological & economical god games" which i liked much and i guess i'm an exclusion in this was "Global Effect" sure it's just a game and it won't show the exact relations. But it's cool and also teaches a little what is needed to solve the problems and what hinders us to pass the filter.

The games isn't to win there is no chance that you can stop the "global effect" you will lose you can only lose less hard.

In competetive mode gameplay there is absolutely no chance to survive we will extinct ourselfes whatever you do against that. The AI is mercyless if you don't found your defense he will overtake you soon, if you have defense forces he will force nuclear weapons if you don't he will use it to attack you if you build nuclear weapons to defend yourself both will be extincted in a nuclear war. Yeah ok it's just a game, but well not bad thought.

the scenarios are neither to solve, you can only reach the 50 years limit which is ment to keep it halfaways in balance but you know you wouldn't survive the next 50 years. The method to "win" the scenarios is to plant an enormous amount of trees at start of the 50years, it will take you 30years only to reach the power you need to build your economy. Decentralisation is the key, especially for energy production, npp's are no solution even if they won't influence the CO2 balance they will destroy the ozone layer in the game (which isn't true but it has to have a drawback for the game, the idea behind is that a typical invention of the nuclear age is the spray can). We know renewable energy production must be the solution but there is a problem within that, it doesn't works centralised. A npp or coal pp outputs large power in ampéres, there is a loss due to resistance of the powerlines but it's acceptable because of the large power in the grid. Renewable energy sources like solar or wind power have a quite low power in ampére, the loss is inacceptable if you build centralised.
Means each city needs many little solar or wind pp. In general build decentralised and you can master the scenarios, also needs every city their own food production because it's a waste of energy if it's centralised and so on. Keep you water and your air clean that's very important for the game yet not enough to win.

Only the intro movie, i had the idea to make a clip of the gameplay but i i haven't yet.
edit: different clip but also very short
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Atari 800XL (64KB RAM) was my favourite 8 bit.
Alternate Reality The City was my favourite game on that system, but i play it now on an emulator as described here:


Amiga 1200 was my favourite 16bit computer.

Frontier (Elite II) was my favourite game on it (probably).


These days on PC i prefer and play mostly games i can mod.

CivIV+mods, Morrowind+mods, Oblivion+mods, Fallout 3+mods, NMS+mods, Minecraft+mods are some of my favourite games that never seem to grow old for me. If i can't mod a game i'm much less likely to play it (for long if at all).

It's one of the issues i have with ED now it is online only (keeping in mind there was talk early on of a true sp experience). I can't personally 'fix' the bugs that remain in the game and annoy me, so i don't play it and wait for all the bugs to be fixed etc.
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Frontier (Elite II) was my favourite game on it (probably).
These days on PC i prefer and play mostly games i can mod.
Somehow this is to expect, who played excessive Frontier will later modd games :) or do something else creative with it.

Erm, Zak you should check your link, "My FFED3D mods" (yeah!) links to "Planet Coaster - Scott's Pirate Paradise" (except this was intentional).
Erm, Zak you should check your link, "My FFED3D mods" (yeah!) links to "Planet Coaster - Scott's Pirate Paradise" (except this was intentional).
Ah darn. Ok well it used to link fine. I guess after the forum update it messed it up, and currently i have no idea where that original link would have gone to! :( Thanks for the tip and i'll see if i can fix it (or maybe just delete the link).
Ah darn. Ok well it used to link fine. I guess after the forum update it messed it up, and currently i have no idea where that original link would have gone to! :( Thanks for the tip and i'll see if i can fix it (or maybe just delete the link).
I've posted a thread in the forum support/feedback section that might help fix your link and any bookmarks you have from the old forum. (some ED stuff does seem to have been removed though) Find it here:

I think your sig linked to your mod post in the original FFED3D thread:
That has a link to your testing/mod thread which you probably want to update to: as the original link now goes to a different Planet Coaster thread since the forum update. HTH
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Hi Andy nice to meet you here :)
Zak and me seem to have similarities we are both modders.
I assume what i see on

EDIT: what's that? ahh... the above link, hmmm....

is already part of the release (?)
At least the backgrounds are.

But not only, he used colors and different fonts for posting (at least he does at start) well i remember i was often praised for this - a decade ago already.
(back in the days of fluffy smileys)
Ah, you just haven't the time to do this always i need days for my posts without to do so.
Often i write an "essay" and the i delete that because i dislike the content or i feel it's offending or to much off topic.

He he, i derange that now

And now for something complete different:

That's for wash67, it's GP1 but it was my first contact with polygons, i have to admit that i didn't liked the game to well when i had it for my A2000, nah Frontier wasn't my favorite yet it took a few years before i noticed my dream come true (and it was, more about that later). It was to hard for me back then i guess but now i feel it isn't that hard to play, must be caused by playing for such a long time SCGT which is still my favorite racing game. Intentionally it's one of my MIDI comparison clips, i like to advertise a little for what is possible with a good soundfont.
I still think MIDI suits perfect for games, a personal opinion.
Unfortunately similar like FE2 you can't have MIDI music and SFX, either adlib sound or MIDI which is a little stupis for racing if you hear a piano chord instead of a motor.
A reason (i posted it already) why i would like much to get more out of the gravis Ultrasound software because it would be possible to have bothe MIDI music and digital SFX whith its software in DOSBox, unfortunately it's not possible to run "MAXSBOS" because of the implemented EMM in DOSBox which isn't acepted by the software even if there is more then enough extended mem, it fails because it recognizes the emulation and that it's no real hardware and reports "wrong version no.", but i guess this could be fixed (you an help me if you post requests for such on vogons, perhaps we can change their minds about the advantages of GUS for old games, imagine to have MIDI music AND digital SFX for good old FE2 and as you see it's not the only game which would profit of that, right yestarday i examined an old listing of games which natively supported GUS, for which you need Ultramid, for which you would need the AIL drivers and for which you need MAXSBOS. AIL drivers is something which works very well because you simply replace the miles sound drivers, the Ultramid TSR works also well only SBOS and MAXSBOS fail)
Some i already turned to have Ultrasound MIDI even when they won't have by default, there are many ways you can spice up sound with the GUS software.

However no emulated GUS for F1GP or FE2 yet

To the game, i watched a clip of the intro on YT and Geoff Crammond thanked in person for putting the clip on YT, praised by many for his brillant work especially the hand written intro animation. Up to that todays modelers are all lame compared to him, i wouldn't claim such but yeah i can imagine well...
It's a realtime animation and not premade like todays sequences that's a big difference and i'm grateful that some ppl still respect the difference between a realtime animation and premade movies or cutscenes, something my younger friends didn't understand to well. Hanknitted like my models for Phoenix - big respect from my side.

But they learn a young friend of mine who always thought that what i do is quite obsolate starts to understand slowly what it is about and recently his expression is "Gernot you must have been born before the big-bang" (at least for sure before the tv series).

The list is here (and i will soon open a GUS thread on vogons because if there is info about that it's spread over the whole forum a snippet here and a snippet there.
It is already somewhat hard to find the software, it seems it's still under copyright at least it was taken from mediafire because of that where one of the dudes of vogons offered two preinstalled folders of GUS. Nonetheless i found them - they travelled to Japan, no i can't read Japanese but well i can hover over the links and.... bingo! After a while i also found the original softs all revisions of GUS on one website which is fortunately in english. But they aren't needed the dude who preinstalled them it did a good job and you will have already the most recent and most compatible softs for the use in DOSBox (and of course on a real old PC with a Gravis card).
The list:
Ther Gravis dedicated site:

I won't link the Japanese site because it won't make much sense but i will upload the preinstalled versions to my OneDrive by whatever risk.
Devs praise us for keeping the memory alive only the rotten parasites do not and they neither have a real profit of it they are just stupid parasites who can only count lentilles and nothing else. One lentille less of a billion is a catastrophe to them, poor weak minded ppl. they are.
I didn't lost a lentille i lost three lives already - bloodsuckers. And they never can get happy while i'm happy most of the time (doesn't costs one red cent, do you know my most loved song when i was a small boy was a canon "Froh zu sein bedarf es wenig und wer froh ist ist ein König" true it is. No matter how many lifes i lost. (you have to lose at least one first to notice that neither this is a catastrophe and that you are no god or anything else special or better as anyone else, at least if you haven't such a mindsetting already - i always had, as a prol you must have this mindsetting else it's no living. Yeah a prol in a laboratory? erm yes why not an industrial worker something rare today in good old europe - not good we can't live by printed paper, we live by products understanding this already when i was young a so called career was never my thing "who will do the needed work if not someone like me?" an untrained bad payed? a bad situation we run into a real catastrophe because of this and lentilles won't help anymore i promise. If we don't take care this is pretty the last time we communicate in web, i mean it will still last for a while but i can see it already. I smell it and trust me i'm very good in smelling fishy things. i trust myself not to well on the other hand)

As you noticed i like GUS much, it sounds surprising good much better as MS wavetable synth. and better balanced as the homebrew soundfonts which are for sure a respectable work and a noteworthy thing.

So here's the preinstalled GUS software, you can drag either GUS411 or the spiced up GUS161 to Your DOSBox installation.
pre-installed ULTRASND

Recomended installation:
If you like me start the games not with a frontend follow this,
Change your general installation of DOSBox in this manner, change all games configuration files so the game won't run from virtual C chosse i.e. D as drive for your games except a game needs to be run explicit from C. Point C to a folder in DOSBox named simply DOS, in this folder you will in future stuff all which is relative to DOS like the GUS drivers. Extract either one (i recommend ULTRA161 but i can't exactly tell why) to best a folder named "ULTRASND" this is the default folder for GUS and you won't have to change the preinstalled patches internal search to a different named folder (i have for comparison both installed and named them ULTRA161 and ULTRA411, it's not to recommend you have to change a couple of scripts if you do so).
Make this folder "DOS" inside your DOSBox installation to the default C: drive, all you stuff there is now part of C: and the search path, bravo!
As next step locate the GUS folder in your DOSBox config files which is by default already C:\ULTRASND so nothing to do here.
It's preinstalled and every software which will work with DOSBox should be ready to use now.
Ready to use! That won't mean it's all you have to do to get it working for a specific game.

But before i move to this an example config file from me, a quite long batch in the autoexec section but you can only profit of that if you aren't experienced with batch programs.
Personally i stuff the config files and other tid bits even into a folder named DOS - just in the folder where the game resides or to be precise the top level folder for the game, structed like this:
"Name of the Game"\
- archive
- DOS (probably name this different to avoid confusion but to me it's ok)
- "to_8_glyphs_shortened_name_of_the_game" e.g. EGSNOTG (makes it easier to change to this dir in DOSBox)

Stuff into "archive" everything you downloaded for this specific game stuff. stuff here also "captures" and point to it in the config (check example) to have the captures for this game seperated i like it this way. "archive" looks in my installs like this "res" (resources) in this folder i stuff images and additional things i downloaded or created, "docs" obviousely the documentation goes here, "disk" also obvious the original disk images or zipped game belongs here, in the folder "archive" itself i only keep my icons for the game.
Stuff into "DOS" things like a own opening screen or some nice music to start the game with, why not? Stuff into it also extras and mods you like to use with the game.
Stuff also into DOS your evtl. special keymapping, since the config resides in "DOS" you won't need to specify a folder for it the name for the keymapperfile is enough (check example).

Finally install or copy the game itself to i.e. "EGSNOTG" or however the games shortcut is, you know DOS natively supports no long directory or filenames, "if_it's_longer_as_8_glyphs" it needs a tilde ~ and a numbering e.g. "IF_ITS~1" (avoid blank spaces else path and filenames need to be in quotation marks), this can lead to confusions since it's possible to have then a serie of "IF_ITS~1" "IF_ITS~2" and so on, respect this limitation it makes life with dozing easier.

A clean thing.

Now to the config example comments are in green text color (na dann halt nicht)
NOTE: this is for a game which didn't natively supports GUS and uses MILES sound drivers
fulldouble=false #usually i start windowed because i often capture my plays
#original 320x200
fullresolution= 1366x768 #my notebooks native resolution
windowresolution=1152x720 #my preferred windowed size, ideal to make clips in yt HD format they won't be squeezed and keep best quality this way.
priority=higher,normal #not needed for this game but well...

captures=..\archive\capture # "..\" points back to the games top level folder then to "archive\capture"

scaler=supereagle forced #preferred blurred vision of a short sighted dude ;) forced isn't really needed but for some game resolutions it is so it's by default forced it won't harm

cputype=386 #for this game i have best speed using the 386 architecture
cycles=max #it's old but has no speed issues since it's turn based and the animations can't be fast enough if repetive shown or you have to wait for every AI's turn and they maybe send out many armies.

prebuffer=20 #blocksize and prebuffer are to set quite high for my notebook

mpu401=intelligent #this has getting obsolte to me since i have no real soundcard just that built in tard
midiconfig= #allows to specify a special MIDI driver, read the manual, in general nothing is needed here, 0 is default and points usually to MSWavetableSynth. for my old SB 1 was the real MPU and 2 the 8MBGM emulation. recently i use a virtual midi synth which would allow me here to switch to any of the four i can have parallel in the virtual midi synth (plus rotten MSWS).

oplrate=22050 #nothing special so far, i keep the SB usually at 22050Hz because i've read a SBpro and SB16 only supports this and the halfaways supported AWE32 mostly won't work with the games because the setup progs often check for the real hardware here because of it's FM mode specialities.
Proud owner of a AWE32 but it's a useless museum piece now.

ultradir=C:\ULTRA161 #usually it will be "C:\ULTRASND", but i'm a weirdo and need to have both ULTRA161 and ULTRA411 for comparison reasons.
GUS was the very first soundboard which offered 44kHz as sampling rate i guess.

pcspeaker=false #beep beep buzz buzz ;) i have a very limited MIDI player which plays back via the PC speaker a laughable thing

joysticktype=none #for a turn based strategy?


xms=true #usually you can keep all three true, only very little games need something special here.


CLS #get rid of the DOSBox intro immediately
@ECHO OFF #no ECHO from
MOUNT C C:\GAMES\DOS\DOSBOX\DOS >NUL #DOS in DODBox, quasi, all my supporting DOS progs go here plus the GUS (plus plus :) )
sidenote, GUS spelled in swiss german means in a farther sense tard, it's derived from "goiss" which means a shout. you made a "goiss" a useless shout or that is "guss". a meanigless thing
MOUNT D C:\GAMES\DOS\LOTR >NUL #the games top level folder, redirection to NUL keeps the screen clean
STUFFIT +30 [G] >NUL #STUFFIT is a resident key fake program, it works so and so, sometimes the games clear the keyboard buffer. i use it here to start after a given time a default sound setup in this case "GUS"
PICTVIEW D:\DOS\LOTRSEL.BMP --q --nocls >NUL #the nice self detaching picture viewer
CHOICE /CSMG<ESC> /N >NUL #your choice - my choice ESC breaks the process to DOS
IF ERRORLEVEL 4 GOTO DOS >NUL #attention redirection to NUL swallows also error messages use it if the batch works as expected

PICTVIEW D:\DOS\LOTRSBFM.BMP --q --nocls >NUL #second picture showing selected setting and plays a tune
CALL ULTRAPLY D:\DOS\LORDS.MID -mpu >NUL #a small batch which i call to start PLAYMIDI of GUS with most used configuration still you can pass options here.
-mpu points to the default windows MIDI -> MSWS unfortunately i cant make use of the SBFM DOSBox only redirects the MIDI stuff it doesn't interpretes it.
Else my intention would have been to playback the MIDI already with the chosen sound. Redirection to NUL doesn't works always like i want to
STUFFIT /R >NUL #remove the TSR from memory
COPY O_SBP2FM.ADV SBP2FM.ADV >NUL #here i copy the original AIL" drivers back to the installation,
COPY O_SBPDIG.ADV SBPDIG.ADV >NUL #copy back the original digital sfx driver
COPY SBFM.INF LORDS.INF >NUL #the preset you made when you install or setup the soundcard for the game, it's a little problematic here because it's not an explicit sound and machine config it also contains the player names and if you played already (changes "setup" to "history"), if you don't hack this it will "forget" your name next time you start a new game and also will by default set all back to easy. The preset is named "LORDS.INF" after i chose a sound setup i simply renamed it to something which reminds of the chosen setting.and copy it here to "LORDS.INF".

:MIDI #same procedure as - no not as last year but as above

ULTRA161\ULTRAMID #pardon me i made a mistake in my above explanation the TSR is needed for the "AIL" drivers to be recognized, i said it's still new terrain to me.
COPY GF1MIDI.ADV SBP2FM.ADV >NUL #another mistake i didn't renamed it for this game, instead to copy it in the games folder one could copy them from "C:DOS\ULTRASND\ULTRAMID" to the respective SOANDSO.ADV, they mustn't be named as obvious as here a SND1.BIN can be easy a AIL driver.
It was mentioned by one to use the MPU especially MPT32 drivers for music but it never worked for me and the advice in the manual is to use SBFM or SBPROFM
COPY GF1DIGI.ADV SBPDIG.ADV >NUL #the GUS digital SFX driver for 44kHz sampling rate (emulated though but "spiced up")

DOS #breaking and end label if you like to return to DOS e.g. to start a sound setup program
@ECHO ON #turn the echo from on but don't show me this (@)
CLS #please dust off the windshield, explicit wipers are to obtain in my store ;)
(as you can see C: points to the folder DOS in DOSbox here and D: to the games toplevel folder, when i start a DOS shell to manage my games or such C: points to "Games\DOS" probably confusing for you but not for me maybe one would like to name them different to differ them. It is a wise advice to keep C: as specific as possible e.g. only the folder where the game resides this prevents from possible data loss).

<ESC> stands not for "ESC" typed it stands for the keypress of ESC which can be reached i.e with an advanced editor like Notepad++
it's displayed with an inverted "ESC" term and on my keyboard it's to reach with "CTRL - [" (CTRL - ESCAPE)
Notepad or Wordpad won't display it and show only this []
Of course you could use any key to escape to DOS from the title screen, but ESC is very handy and very obvious for this.
You will like to escape to DOS i.e. to install or setup the game, especially to prep different setups like i did in this example.
That's just some smart extra stuff which makes it more pleasing to run the game.
PICTVIEW is a nice picture viewer for DOS which detaches itself without to clear the screen this leaves the possibility to run already CHOICE beneath the opening screen.
Here i used PLAYMIDI from GUS to playback the music for the title another fine DOS MIDI player is "MEGAMID" which even returns an errorlevel if terminated before the tune ends which would allow to loop back to start to make a different choice (unfortunately MEGAMID won't support GUS in my first version i used MEGAMID and the possibility to loop back to the title screen), with PLAYMIDI this won't work because it returns no errorlevels.
PLAYMIDI and MEGAMID can be run without to show anything on the screen, GUS' PLAYMIDI you can even run as a resident program and this in two ways, either if you called up the TSR "ULTRAMID" or with an own switch "-tsr" (really neat stuff) more about the real use of the ULTRAMID tsr later
(it's a little slow because i stay in web, my notebook is no superduper extreme gamer machine, it's an office tool)
Lords has no native support for GUS and the method here is called "AIL" which are in other terms the miles sound drivers.
Often they are named DIGORMID.ADV but not always (check the posted list which will need this method even if it's an old list).
You have to copy the special GUS drivers over the soundblaster drivers, as you see in the batch above i used here different names for them but if you do this in a batch this won't be needed, store them where it pleases you here i stored them in the games directory but "DOS" or archive are handy as well, it's up to you.
NOTE: it's needed to rename the original files if you still like to run another MIDI or digital SFX driver - Check my example
But well i have to experience this step by step myself what is best and when i started out i simply followed the manual (yes i read TFM, i'm a "Beipackzettelleser" i read even toothpaste or soap boxes or whatever maybe that's the reason for my interest in chemistry, i often need something to read on the throne else i get soon bored of it and that's not healthy you have to take your time on that seat).

Phew that was the "AIL" method and this works mostly for games up to 1994 which have no native support for GUS.

Pardon my chaotic style here but this is new stuff to me and also the reason why i post it because once written down i will remeber it better.
The Manual for the GUS software:

Ah yeah RTFM :) it's a very entertaining one imho, canadians aren't only good in hockey.


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And even make cool retrospective games using the full capability of the old hardware.
Like revolutionika shows off well.
Another mistake of mine there is no working second method for DOSBox by now.

Except, of course the game natively supports GUS and also this can be hard to setup and was quite hard for me to find out how, it failed a beginning for the chosen games and i still haven't an idea why it works for game "A" and fails for game "B".

It works wonderful for the original "Settlers", the music becomes really a new dimension and i'm not the only one who had this impression i watched a clip just about the in-game tune played back with GUS.
I made myself one but i didn't liked to show the same music so i chose the intro and a second track of which i think it's the winning tune because i never heard it before (or can't remember it). But i have to admit the in-game track sounds really good. Yes it's now acceptable to leave the music on for hours it won't stress you.
Sure the virtual midi synth with a decent soundfont sound as good but isn't '90s alike, GUS is how it would have sounded already 1994 and it easy beats the meager MSWS, GUS is a wavetable synth. as well but using far better samples. Quite rich sound for 1994.

In general you won't have to do much if a game natively supports GUS except to have it installed and ready, selecting Gravis Ulrasound in the sound setup should work to recognize GUS and play the music and SFX via this emulated soundcard.

Should ;)

What you need to do for Settlers i.e. is to copy over one file (it's part of settlers) and to call up "loadpats" (even part of settlers) which loads the GUS MIDI patterns.

copy sndstup.ult sndstup.dat
keep the original file if you like to switch to either MIDI or SBFM, best do it in the autoexec section and previousely rename "sndstup.dat" to i.e. "osndstup.dat", in this way you can copy it back like shown in my lords example from the previous post.

add into the autexec section right before you call up settlers


Albion, another game from Bluebyte natively supports GUS but needs a different method, nothing to copy around here.
Only add to the autoexec following:
SET ULTRA16=32C,0,0,1,0
("ultrinits" output you can redirect but not the call "SET ULTRA16" it will always report that it's now ready)

No patches to load here it seems they get recognized in this way.
Don't ask me about the numbers i blatantly copied it from the Manual what the exact meaning is i have first to discover myself.
In principles this would be written in the real autoexec.bat of a DOS based machine and would be needed to make GUS recognized by the system.
Don't ask me how i found this out - by try and error like "Robot finds Kitten" and he will find it - sooner or later.

The problem child(s)
(activate headbanging mode)

Frontier First Encounters, i still haven't found a working solution but it should natively support GUS, i need this to get running it's vital to me.
Settlers2, same here but it's not as important as FFE.
I managed it already that Settlers2 accepts now Gravis Ultrasound as a soundcard but i still have no music with this setup, enerving.

FFE gives me headakes i even don't know where to start, both methods aren't useful.
FFE contains "loadpats" so it should be method one like for "Settlers", but well Settlers immediatly worked with that and FFE refuses.
Perhaps, this i tried yet a combination of both will do the job because right now i remember that the "set ultra" stuff would be legally in your autoexec if you have a real gravis card installed.

See writing essays can help, because really this i forgot to check.
But maybe it was the headbanging mode which really helped me :)
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