Getting a second Guardian FSD booster?

First: Thanks for walkthrough to TheOriginalB here on ED forum and to Cmdr Exigeous for YouTube video "Tutorial: Unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster". That helped (y)(y)

Now after having one size 5 Guardian FSD, how can I get a second one?
If I go and repeat complete process on Guardian site with pylons, how can I be sure that the blue orb will again provide the blue print I need and not some Vessel or Weapon?
I've been to Synuefe NL-N c23-4, if that matters.

(This is the fist time ever I'm messing with G technology.)
1. Once you've unlocked a Guardian module (or weapon, or fighter) you can buy as many as you like. There's no need to unlock it every time.

2. Each Guardian structure will always dispense the same kind of blueprint. If you go back to the site where you got a module blueprint you will get another module blueprint.
info: you can only install one Guardian FSD booster per ship. once unlocked, you can always buy in all sizes (up to 5) and so provide all your ships with it. So it is with all Guardian modules, ships (SLF's) and weapons.
So, all I need to do is refill the missing Guardian Technology Components in cargo (the rest I have enough so far) and visit Tech Broker?
Guardian Module Blueprint Segment shows 0 (zero), that's why I'm wondering if there's something more to push while I'm at site :unsure:

All tutorials nicely show stacking is not possible (thanks), but I really couldn't find which steps are needed when you go for second one.
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