Getting render mesh error on all 6 models - please help.

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create my first model and I am running into an annoying issue. I have followed the guides perfectly and created the 6 different models yet I still get an error when I try to upload.


As you see I have the mesh for Model_L4 and this mesh is applied 6 times (to each of them) - I have named it "Hex".

This object only has one texture file which is fairly basic:


I've created the files as to what I believe are the correct naming conventions


Yet I am still getting the mesh render error.

If someone would be so kind as to help me I would really appreciate it!
I don't know if this leads to the Errors, but i see that you have different Names the same thing: The Model you only call Model in Blender, but the Exported .fbx has a different Name. The Material and the Texture have the same Name, so that should work. I am also very curious about this part here:


I see that the scrollbar is quite big. What else is there that we can't see? Get rid of anything that isn't one of the _LODs
Well I think the problem was that I was only exporting one of the models, I didn't realize I had to do B and then select them all and then export.

Now the problem is that when I try to upload I'm getting a prebuild timeout error. Have you seen that before?
The prebuild timeout occurs when you export in ASCII and you have over 8k triangles for all LODs combined (roundabout 8k)
This is not to mix up with the 8k per LOD limit. You would have to select Binary for your export
Hello I managed to get past all the pre-check stuff but now I am getting the build artifact error. I think that I must be using the wrong material type or doing something else incorrectly. I'll share some screenshots here that might help you understand my issue.

The file that I am attempting to use appears to only have 1 texture file included in the original sources:


I've done enough experimenting to know that Veigar Turnaround fits perfectly with the object which is already correctly mapped when I import it into Blender (see below)



If I drag that Veigar_Turnaround into Blender I can see it perfectly matches the UV.

So what I did after creating and exporting everything in Blender is renamed that .dds Veigar file to .png & placed it into the import folder as instructed.


I gave it the material type of BC because it's the only material and I understand that BC is the "base color" or your main color - Not 100% sure if I am correct there though.

Do you have any advice on why I am getting the artifact error ?
Renaming your .dds into a .png, there's the error. you need to convert the dds into a png, renaming it, won't work. (same goes for your
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