Ghost Buster's ( problem with ghost )...

Following the dlc GhostBuster's, I noticed some small problem with ghost.

I would like if possible, determined an area where ghosts would appear and not randomly as is the case .. ( where to choose between the 2 ) and also visitors who leave the park just because there's a ghost, it's is a shame, so also have an option for that too !


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That's the idea of ghosts, they scare away the guests.

That being said, some extra options to make the game easier or harder are always welcome.

Did you know that you can change the chance that ghosts spawn in your park? Look for the Ghostbusters settings in the game's settings menu.


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Yes that I know, but I would like ghosts to appear in some parts of the park, making a zone, and not randomly as it is
I think that can currently only be accomplished by using animatronics and holographic ghosts instead of the Ghostbusters gameplay.

Thanks for the suggestion!
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