Ghostbusters: Mining Trouble- A 4D Interactive Darkride Experience(located at Wild West Adventures Park)

Howdy Planco Community!
Today i'm presenting you something exciting. The construction of the new ghostbusters area at Wild West Adventures Park has officially started on Tuesday and there was already a lot of progress made. This building blog post shows the first steps of this ambitious project.
The Plans
The Land consist of a small haunted western town, with the E-Ticket Attraction(including fastpass queue) being located right at the entrance. The second attraction is a junior/family coaster called Slimers Doomtrain,which is located at the end of the road.
The Entrance

This is the entrance to this new haunted area of our wild West Park. It looks much better at night than it doest at day,which strangeley counts for the whole area.

The Area at Night
Now some night time shots of outside:

The E-Ticket Attraction's Entrance Building:

Stay Puft has also opened a branch right next to the attraction:

Slimer's Doomtrain:
The Layout for the coaster is almost finished and we are running the first tests. The Theming has still to be added.

Ghostbusters Mining Trouble:
Our beloved heroes find themselves accepting a call for help from a cowboy from Texas that hears strange noises from the mine in the old abandoned town. Luckily the ghostbusters have bought a small old bunker at reduced price,that they've retrofitted to be a second HQ, near the mine a few years ago and they visit it to make a plan and venture deep into the mine. That's were you come in place! The Ghostbusters have called for additional assistance on this mission and want to train new recruits in the process. Step into the old main mine building and find the secret hidden entrance behind the bookcase or near the piano(fastpass entrance) to enter the new HQ. In this interactive darkride you shoot projected ghosts with a pistol that looks like the ones from the ghostbusters proton packs in an ecto 1 like car.It's a wild and fun experience for the whole family.
The Queue:
You enter the new HQ trough the old mine building...

...were some lights misteriously flicker.

Here's the entrance for the fastpass lane:

The Main Room in the HQ:

Another perspective,where you can also get a glimpse of the station:

This is the fastpass lane,where you can look through the windows to see this room too.

This is the developer wall,where both queues meet. It honors every developer that has worked hard on this pack and the game,but of course spoiler sam is in the center of them,because we,the community of this game, know him best and love him for dropping some occasional spoilers on livestreams.

Final room before the station:

And now the Station:

There's actually a hole in the roof here,where you can see the stars(to be realistic:Screens).

A little Easteregg. Slimer is hiding behind these crates when you enter the station at the end of the ride. Looks like you couldn't catch him and he was able to flee.

Looking back in the queue:

And now the first scene:

Where our heroes meet slimer.

Directly from this scene we leave trough the garage to venture into...

...the haunted mines.

And not to soon after stopping here for a second,ghosts appear.

And more ghosts while we drive further down the mine.

Will we be able to capture them all and escape?Find out more in the next post in about a week.
This ride wants to be a bit realistic, so per theme park security standard, there a emergency exits troughout the whole experience(queue,ride,exit).

They lead to the Staypuft Shop and you will exit there in case of an evacuation.

In addition the ride and queue are located in big showbuilding hidden by fake rocks and facades.

This photo will give you an idea of the progress so far.

This is the end of this first long post. Thank you for reading and remeber: Who you are gonna call?
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