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Hello =^.^=

So first off, I am sorry if this is repeated somewhere. I looked through the forum and searched threw some posts to make sure that this wasn't mentioned. Also I couldn't find a good place to slip this in, so I figured I would make one. please take this down or move it to another post if this has already been talked about.

Ah now that I got that out of the way. I was thinking that gift shops, game stalls, and other side entertainment stuff (mini golf, go-karts, maybe paddle boats and such) would be nice to add in the game or make a nice expansion or DLC in the future. I know that we will have souvenir stalls, but I think a grand gift shop (with themes or without) would be nice. It worked well in Zoo tycoon and was nice addition. I also thought game stalls such as ring toss, maybe the basketball hoop challenged thing (whatever its called), and all those other prize winning games would be fun too. Give the people more to do then just ride and eat. Plus the animations would be cute, I could just see a teen age boy winning a stuff whatever for his girlfriend or a dad winning something for his child. As for the entertainment stuff like mini golf, go karts, maybe a maze or mirror maze. I think it would be like the game stalls and just be something to give the park a bit more life and fun, really make it feel more like a theme park.

thanks for you're time. [cool]
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