Give all staff a payrise!


I was wondering if there is a way of giving all staff (of the same type such as cleaners), a pay rise without having to go into each employee individually?

I love Planet Coaster but am not really interested in the "Manage a park and its staff" outside of keeping the guests happy. The staff training and setting pay for each member of staff seems pointless when you are running a Sandbox game (which is what I always do). I've tried to see if there is some kind of "select all cleaners" but alas, can find no such option.

Is it possible? If not, could this be included in a future update?
It's not possible to give all staff a payrise at once - it must be done on an individual basis

While you are doing that, don't forget to give me a payrise too - thanks [happy]
Doesn't take more than a minute to run through 10 or 15 staff in my experience.
Closer to 10 if you're training too.

If you're playing a sandbox game .. just give them 1000$ a month when you hire them,
That should keep them happy for life.
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I figure we can use CTRL + C to copy the salaray of one employee, and paste it to the next one. quite faster than use the little arrow for each of one ! [shocked]
If we want to do more advanced, realistic scenarios we need the ability to change all figures at once across the same job type.
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