Giving Dinosaurs Gender Names

I've noticed something with dinosaur packs. When I give the dinosaurs gender names sometimes the pack spend time apart. For example all the pack members who have girl names spend time away from the members who have guy names and vice versa.
In one case. I created a spinosaurus pack of four and named them after the Jersey Shore cast members and sometimes Pauly D and The Situation would spend time near the feaders while Snooki and Jwwow would spend time at the watery hole and vice versa. I'm wondering did Frontier Developments make this girls with girls and boys with boys?
Considering this is Jurassic Park/World where dinosaurs are all technically supposed to be female.... I dont think that the developers would program dinosaurs to have gender specific behaviours (and therefore going against the Jurassic Park lore) and herd separatly......

This cant be serious ? I mean how would the game differentiate the names....
I mean sometimes the girls (girl named dinosaurs) like to be with the girls and the boys (boy named dinosaurs) like to be with the boys. They don't get too far away from each other though and they get back together again.
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