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Since there might be people on here over this weekend I thought I'd remind that Glasto 2019 starts next Thursday (OK, main stages Friday) so people might want to clear their schedules for the huge amount of live streams from the BBC as well as the new BBC Glastonbury pop-up radio station. Glasto without the long-drops, bad acid, mud and rip-off grub. (y)

BBC webcam is live already:

Festival site:

plus of course for your internet radio (from Mon 24th June) Worthy FM:

I hope there isn't a decent CG or whatever next week as my Elite time is going to be hit. 🕹
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I caught a very little bit of the tv coverage this weekend. Stormzy's entrance was just incredible, with the jets of flame shooting up half as high again as the pyramid stage making it look like the start of Bladerunner. We watched most of the Killers' headline set on the Saturday which looked like a slick crowd-pleasing set... it just struck me that half of the crowd would have been pre-school when most of their big hits were released. Then The Cure headlined the final day playing songs that were twenty years older than that and Robert Smith now looking like a badly painted potato wearing an electrocuted merkin. My personal highlight was, after checking with my eight year old daughter that I had identified the artist correctly, seeing Miley Cyrus perform the Ashley O song reworking Head Like a Hole from her episode of Black Mirror.

The only time I went to Glastonbury was 1992. While it was enormous then, it looks like it's doubled in size now. Part of me would love to go again, but not the part of me that now considers 10:30 to be a late night and two drinks to be too many. Plus I know I would spend the entire weekend complaining about "in my day..." just like I do when it's on tv.
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