Glorious HIPs - 3306

Since the development of the fast frameshift drive opened the galaxy to independent CMDRs a substantial proportion of stars from the Hipparcos (HIP) catalog have been visited and surveyed in detail. However, a significant minority (roughly one in six) of the approximately 120,000 stars in the catalog remain either unvisited or partially surveyed according to EDSM records.

With Brewer’s release to general production of their various Fleet Carrier civilian Megaship models, an unprecedented opportunity has arisen. While some stars remain inaccessible even to a Fleet Carrier’s 500ly jump range, we are now on point to effectively complete the dataset of HIP stars – and, just perhaps, stumble across something unusual along the way.

Working from the HIP, HD, HR, Bayer, Flamsteed, BD, CD and CPD star catalogs and the EDSM visited stars dataset, I’ve compiled a spreadsheet of all stars from the HIP catalog, cross-referenced with their alternative designations and the names by which the stars are known to Universal Cartographics. Systems without current details in EDSM are sorted at the bottom of the sheet.

I suggest that we cooperate to fill in the gaps, splitting up the currently unvisited systems into a series of slices of roughly 500 potential systems each – each slice can then be worked on by one or more commanders (ideally at least one with a carrier to visit the newly available high and low systems) to identify and visit every reachable HIP catalog star in that slice.

What would I need to do?
Express your interest below, and if you have a preference for any particular area of sky (a contiguous range of HIP numbers translates to a “slice” across the sky, so directions are approximate.) You could also note whether you’ll be exploring via carrier or personal ship or both.
I’ll give you a range of HIP numbers to look at – for each one, search for it on the galmap under its HIP number, note what name it has in-game, bookmark it and go visit (for ease of travel I’ve been bookmarking a hundred or so destinations at a time and finding the best route I can between them.) Upload your journal to EDSM to get the system’s details into the database and make a note that you’ve visited that star.
(Either download a copy of the spreadsheet to work on, or PM me with your email address and I’ll add you to the spreadsheet.)

What’s in it for me?
The thrill of discovery and the joy of !!SCIENCE!!. Plus you’ve got a very good chance of finding untouched, hand-authored systems (roughly one in a dozen), and a small chance of finding something cool if FDev happened to hide something in one of these catalog stars. And you can spray paint mapping tags all over them should you so desire.
I hope this proves a good chance for CMDRs of all experience levels (and credit balances!) to work together.
Come join us on the DISC Discord any time if you fancy a chat about this or any random Stellar Forge shenanigans.
If and when we get this thing finished let’s meet up in NGC 5460 Sector DL-Y E6, I promise a spectacular view.

Leave your names and preferences below, CMDRs!

Jackie Silver
Holocom DISC, c/o Stellar Cartographic Institute, Cavalieri City, Ngandins, 3306

Update - ranges now ready for your choice, see below!

The numbers are the start and end rows for each slice - obviously stars within a particular slice by galactic longitude don't fall in to a neat sequence through the catalog but the benefit of this approach is that it gives us much neater directions than the Earth-based slanted planes that a series of HIP numbers give.

So! Please request a slice, and either send me an edit request for the main sheet (or just download a copy and get cracking and send when you're done). Once you've confirmed a star's name in the game please enter it in the spreadsheet in the "Name in Elite" column. (Any star you visit and upload to edsm which has a name in the HIP, HD, HR or Durchmusterung catalogs will be picked up automatically when I update the sheet using edsm data, but the ones with proper names or names from other catalogs we need the Elite name as a key.)

These are the ranges by start and end row on the sheet:

191590920890PirinIn progress
49309093589RampantIn progress
79459095089OrvidiusIn progress
10960909658913A / 24BIn progress
149809098589ExpugnaxIn progress
19100590101089rOmiLaYuIn progress
24103090103589FactabulousIn progress
29105590106089RolloIn progress
32107090107589GetedoiIn progress
42112090112589VaronicaIn progress
47114590115089315.1346319.6314Jackie SilverIn progress
55118590118801360TuomasiHalf range.
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Good luck with this project! I'll be occupied with our 200-ly survey for a while, but this looks like a fun way to explore some regions. Have you considered grouping the stars roughly by coordiantes, rather than catalog number?
A quick update - still thinking this through (we're going to cross-reference with an alternative set of data for the HIP catalog) but we should be ready to start splitting up in to convenient sections soon and then we'll be good to go.

I have the process of checking the catalogue against the EDSM dumps ("what stars in the known systems list have non proc gen names" -> "what stars in the HIP catalog are unvisited, and do their various catalog aliases match any of the EDSM unique names" )relatively streamlined, so in most cases if anyone visits one of the currently-unvisited systems and uploads to edsm, the spreadsheet can be updated to reflect that - I aim to do that on a weekly basis.
This sounds rather interesting. My carrier is currently around 500LY from Colonia, where I'm doing some personal exploration.

If there's a slice anywhere somewhat near me, perhaps I can lend a hand.
I would like to participate. Dont have a carrier though.
Absolutely no need for a carrier! The ones that are being involved are more for logistical and expedience sake, (and that some of us have more credits than sense) not because they are a necessity. You'll be absolutely welcome to use mine, and I'm sure any others as well.
Hmm, sounds......interesting, will there be free drinks and nibblies or do we need to supply our own. Whatever way it goes I'm in. I didn't get much done on the last project because you picked one where everything was so far away from me, lets hope this works out better!
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