Glowing Green Giants - The Definitive List

The Codex does occasionally make mistakes in classification - "terraformable ammonia worlds" are a case in point - but not in this case, because the Codex, and the in-game description of the planet, agree that it's a GGG. That last sentence in the planet description is uniquely added to GGGs - it's a Class I Jovian, so it's supposed to be lifeless. So whatever criteria ED uses to detect GGGs, this one is passing the test. There might be only a single pixel of green on the planet's texture map, which would be invisible from orbit - but that's all it needs to qualify.

If anyone is at or going to that planet to search, try looking around the maroon patches - that's where any green is likely to be.
So half a day later, it rotated so that I was right infront of the spot.

It's tiny, but it's there.
Wow, that's incredibly tiny. Not something that you'd notice with a casual glance. I'm not sure I'd ever notice that if I were to "discover" one like this. I'd tag the planet and move on, completely unaware (except maybe the codex popup, but I often ignore the confirmations).
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