Gnosis is a death trap

I've spent so much time hanging out with the friendly 'goid in HIP 16613 that I think we've reached some kind of understanding.

If it all goes Pete Tong on the Gnosis, that's gotta count for something, right? [where is it]
16 rebuys since beta, and i always came out alive somehow... so what is this about a deathtrap... no one succeeded in actually killing me.
If the Gnosis is attacked and immobilized, i am there to fight to the end, engage in Guerilla tactics, even without a base...
We still have our synthesis printers and we can do all the mean stuff to our creepy flower friends while surviving for a very long time.

Or we are just lucky and might be able to explore and somehow communicate.

Regardless... it will be a true adventure.

Fly dangerous CMDRs!

Or those that are going are getting spacelegs and atmo landings. Sealed up like that, keep the cmdr pool low so its a live beta test.
Judging by the number of people who seem to be joining the Gnosis, the bubble is going to be wide open for an attack.

Or for people just, y'know, touching your stuff.
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