[INDEPENDENT] Gnosis Tour Bus

Gnosis Tour Bus

A good relative time zone to you commanders o7

With the advent of fleet carriers, the Gnosis will no longer be controlled by Canonn and instead will enter a ‘Bus Route’ a tour of notable places in Canonn history

Initially, Fdev planned on scrapping or parking the Gnosis, we have reached an agreement whereby the route will run in perpetuity instead.
Canonn would like to thank all the commanders who took part in the even to build the Gnosis it what was an epic CG event enjoyed by many commanders across known space.
The planned route is as follows-
  • Varati A 6 Canonn home space
  • HIP 17862 6 C. Crashed Thargoid ship
  • Pleiades Sector PN-T b3-0. A 6. Barnacle field.
  • Synuefe PR-L b40-1 A . 'Proto lagrange cloud'.
  • HIP 18120 2. Rubeum Bioluminescent Anemone - Croceum Anemone
  • IC 2391 Sector CG-Y C16. Closest Guardian Beacon.
  • Kappa-1 Volantis B 7 c a. Brain Trees
  • Epsilon Indi, Mitterand Hollow.

This is still awaiting final confirmation but hopefully will be implemented next week

Fly safe commanders o7
Bit of a shame Gnosis won't be pushing forward into the unknown a little more.

I've been aboard for a couple of years, aside from the last month where wing mate and I decided to push to Colonia, when Gnosis itinerary turned back to bubble. The plan was actually to rejoin Gnosis before she reached bubble again.

It would be nice to think this route isn't totally permanent and that in future Frontier could be petitioned to create a slightly more ambitious pre-programmed tour; eg. Gnosis Historic (this one) followed by a Geology Tour, followed by Star Tour (visit all star and geology types etc.) THEN repeat.

The real joy of caravanning for me has been that each week the environment changes. What that environement is is actually secondary to that, so while I understand this decision, a two month 8 stop tour is a step in good direction but ultimately quite short, not long enough to make much of a mission patch for new players to brag about.

Probably not the time to let the best be the enemy of the good, so a bit more of a Gnosis level program might be something for future let's hope. Meanwhile well done on keeping her engines fuelled.
@Winterwalker We have a guestbook for the Gnosis and hope to produce a souvenier booklet that we can use for raffles and so on.

Please sign the Guest Book and if you have any nice pictures we can use, then supply a url in the Guest Book too.

I also hope we can get control of the Gnosis back even though Fleet Carriers make its shortcomings even more obvious.

You can see more details of the route here.

I also hope we can get control of the Gnosis back even though Fleet Carriers make its shortcomings even more obvious.
Done. And I'll message my wingmate with the guestbook link, hopefully he can give his thoughts too.

Some shortcomings sure but (a) that's what envelope pushing science vessels require and (b) then again ..

I docked with a fleet carrier yesterday and was at least smart enough to undock because I went offline for an hour and when I got back the carrier had gone!

This never happened with Gnosis of course because the countdown is one very predictable week long (long enough to do stuff, short enough to keep you moving and terrifying - in a good way - if you fly as I usually would even in the deepest regions without a fuel scoop. Luckily I never did get stranded .. but what an excuse for an improvised rescue mission if you did!

Gnosis' advanced itinerary is something the Fleet Carriers don't have and with a trusted flight crew, no chance of bizarre things happening. If you can't afford or don't want to run a fleet carrier Gnosis has in factt very few shortcomings. I made a similar note in my guestbook; If one or two trusted groups could be provided with a tool to run a ship in the same way as Gnosis has been to date, I'd be back like a shot.

Feel free to join, next one is Thursday Aug 20th to Dumbbell Sector CL-X b1-2 from Varati
Returning Sunday 23rd. Jump sequences start 21:00 UTC

Gnosis Weekenders - open to all Commanders

The Gnosis megaship paved the way for fleet carriers, built by one of the largest community efforts we have seen.
But alas, all things must pass.

A voyage of adventure, both sweet and sour, certainly memorable, is nearing the end.

From Sep 10th when she arrives back in Varati, the home of Canonn Interstellar Research Group, the Gnosis will be retiring from active service, with Canonn no longer in control. She will enter retirement on a fixed ‘bus route’ tour of 8 systems.

Thursday - Sunday long weekend visits to the Gnosis in July and August
Departing from / returning to Canonn space

Jul Wk 4 (23rd) to Sifi PC-V b57-0 from the Canonn Institute Completed
Aug Wk 1 (6th) to Star of India from Khun 2 Completed
Aug Wk 3 (20th) to Dumbbell Sector CL-X b1-2 from Varati

Departures are 21:00 UTC (game time) outbound on the Thursday, and return on the Sunday.

Competition: https://canonn.science/news/gnosis-competition

Gnosis guest book: https://canonn.science/news/we-still-have-gin/

Open to all, a last chance to see her in active service!

Beagle One TFK-5TZ

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