Gnosis.........will it be Obsolete


Never been a fan of groups getting preferential treatment. :(
Whatever we're talking about, there should simply be standard requirements and if you meet them you get what you're entitled to.

But, there we are. 🤷‍♂️
But the Science! was for the community 😏 the Gnosis wasn't just for a player group to play with it was for the entire playerbase.

Until the community wanted to go to the Cone sector. Then it quickly went back to being for a very small group of players.
I still say that Gnosis should have been properly destroyed during "the incident", leaving a debris field and a tourist beacon as a memorial to future generations.

Nothing ever gets properly destroyed in this game...
Think of the children!

Gnosis needs no fuel and no upkeep and is defo persistant. Can't see it become obsolete yet.
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