Goid Defense help

Whats best in terms of armor and shield engineering against goids assuming you have every engineer in the bubble unlocked? Is there a specific type of damage to engineer your shields to be resistant to that will help or pure HP? Is guardian hull reinforcement better than engineered normal hull reinforcement? What should i engineer my hull reinforcement for if it is better? Any resistances or pure HP? What about guardian shield reinforcement? I am building a cyclops attack ship so dont worry about scout combat, I already have a good scout combat ship. Also, I only have 4 utility slots, for max payout do i need a xeno scanner? or would a shield booster be better there?
Every single resource I can find says "oh the guardian modules have caustic resistance but less overall HP" while not a single one says anything about if the boost in HP is better than the caustic resistance or not when it comes to surviving a fight with a goid, and that's really the heart of my question
I'm just gonna post the official AXI guides here:

Ship builds, tactics and general explanations are in there.
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