Goid hunting hotspot?

Here is where you can buy ax turrets 1,2,3...i don't know which ship you use.
I have two ax turrets on my krait. They make short work of the scouts.
The large turreted version is only available at planetary military bases. But you can look at the link.
Here is where you can buy ax turrets 1,2,3...i don't know which ship you use.
I have two ax turrets on my krait. They make short work of the scouts.
Krait Mk II...I fortunately have them on my FC and swapping out now.
Krait Mk II...I fortunately have them on my FC and swapping out now.
High hull hp helps against the corrosive effect. If you have a fighter bay on your krait, use it as a distraction.

Another thing. Turrets can't fire backwards but upwards. So you still have to follow the target to some extend.
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If you have a fighter bay on your krait, use it as a distraction.
I opted not for the fighter bay. I have 2 5D Hull reinforcements, engineered heavy duty. Military Grade armor I believe with heavy duty and deep plating. Armor health is 2153.
I didn't use SCBs only because I wasn't making very good progress so better to run off and reevaluate. Learning experience here. Gonna give it another shot. standby...

Turrets are set for target
Update...Success. I took on two of them and made quick work of them with turrets. I feel stunning and brave. Thanks a ton...Barely even a scratch.

I have an auto field maintenance module...not sure how it works.
😃Great job. They aren't too bad. All a mather of equipment, skill and knowledge.
So the multi turrets worked as i expected. Happy to hear that. I'am still new myself but learning something each time i play. I'am also on ps4. Maybe in the future we can do some hunting together.

First up turret Guardian and AX weapons requires more power and are less effective than fixed.
They work in multi-player mode only with another player on your ship while you fly it. No MP they
are just fixed weapons no matter what setting you use.

Thargoids are all over the place in Pleiades. No problem finding them as they often find you!
Finding a Thargoid 'hotspot' is meaningless. Here's what I did and am doing. Maybe it will help.

Taking a Fleet Carrier with repair, refuel, restock? Great. Need other Guardian or AX weapons
you didn't bring? It is a 250LY or more jump from the Pleiades Sector to go get them.

Didn't engineer your ship core, shields, and utilities with the right effects? Back to the bubble.

No Fleet Carrier? There may be a few Fleet Carriers in Pleiades Sector to help you out. If not
find a home base station. Always wise. Reed's Rest in MEROPE is a good start. It even has FC
facilities for adding options.

Stargazer (an asteroid base) in PLEIONE has an Interstellar Factor if ever needed with NPCs
and live player combat. The bad guys upsetting your game probably know this. Note Thargoids
don't apply to C&P.

Here's my Krait build I used to take out Thargoid Scouts. The Decon limpets took care of caustic
hull issues until I could get better. Nor did I need the Guardian fighters unless I had 8 Scouts. The
Wake Scanner got lots of materials I needed at the time but then changed it out for more useful

This is my just completed Krait build for taking out the big guys starting with the Cyclops. I
also have stored modules in case I want to go with 4 gauss cannons, more heatsink launchers,
boosters etc. I can still add the Guardian fighters but too much to learn at the moment.

It is a proven design but being new to a Cyclops or better I expect quite a few 5.7m rebuys
learning as I go until I finally win. I hope to wing up with players who know what they are doing
to lessen the learning curve a little. Then later maybe I could return the favor for another player.

Here is a YouTube video I thought was excellent knowing what to do when including lots of
training videos in his text post below. It is unique not a regular build a Thargoid hunter ship
video (too many of them) but exactly what to do and several ways to do it with each challenge
in Thargoid combat. I may have to watch it 10 times until my older brain can absorb it all...

Still a player can watch hours of videos but until the brain connects with muscle memory, knowing
what is going on in any given moment and making the correct response it will be awhile before I
obtain my first Thargoid heart. Then I'll install a corrosion resistant cargo rack so that I can
go get my Thargoid Bobblehead! :)

Yes, some have purchased a Thargoid Heart from a FC owner and I was tempted. But then I
probably would not have any desire to take on a Cyclops without this goal to get me motivated.
Once I'm good at it (if ever) I have a whole new set of skills which might be useful taking on the
ultimate challenge of Open mode PvP. Couldn't hurt.

I know...some PvPer looking for live player kills is laughing at me and are probably right. Coming
up with a statistical system to beat the crap tables in Las Vegas, offering to spend major money
to back it up and a casino will fly me out to Las Vegas with a limo meeting me! The house and so
often dedicated PvP players always wins.

Meanwhile the ship looks awesome although the pilot flying it has a lot to learn about Thargoid
combat. I don't think that the Thargoids will be impressed but I feel good! Anyway my comments
if useful to anyone.


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I had moderate success just swatting around scouts once I got my turrets up in lieu of the fixed. Fortunately I did some research before this. So I did a fair amount engineering. Sure, there's a few things I didn't G5 out either due to no access or ran out of mats. I also didn't have a Guardian Shield Reinforcement package. I didn't farm enough obelisk data...Whoops.. No biggie for the moment. I did find the scouts rather quick, quicker than most NPCs regardless of ships. Haven't done the bigger ones yet. I will build a completely different ship for those. Right now before I leave for Colonia, I do want to stock up on some Meta Alloys to unlock Meta Alloy Hull. I am also not running Decom Limpets. I usually have to head back to the FC to scrub that goo off. I earned a couple hundred K just learning without any real loss on my part.

The reason I asked for a 'hotspot' was simply was unsure if Thargoids moved around.

Lastly I don't care what PvPers think. They play their games, I play mine and that's the way it is.

BTW: Appreciate all the input
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I looked up the Guardian Shield Reinforcement. It adds major shield improvements to small and medium ships but couldn't find any advantage going against Thargoids as in slightly better protection. Thargoids defeat all shields going for the hull and modules. Also the Meta Alloy hull doesn't come close to an engineered Hull Reinforcement Package. A corrosion resistant cargo rack is better used.

But if going to Colonia is your thing go on the System | Chat looking for a ride. It is better than 400 jumps or 180 jumps using the Neutron Highway to get there unless you want the experience. That is the positive game play that FCs added to the game. Hitch a ride...Make some friends...enjoy the game. Look up HooplahX and friend me when you get there. :)


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Also the Meta Alloy hull doesn't come close to an engineered Hull Reinforcement Package
True but it negates the caustic effect from Thargoids. I will build a whole different ship for Cyclops down the road. I was just happy I as able to take on some Thargoids. Quick little buggers

I was going to take the scenic route to Colonia. I just did a 300 jump R2R. Took me a week. Current state of FC's i.e. fuel, I don't suspect too many are heading there currently Pristine_Bump just did but I had things to here. With my quasi jumpconda, it will take about 500 jumps...That's when I get my FC about 2000ly towards Colonia I can plot it. I did want to do some xploring as I made my way in. This way I can hit Elite on exploration. At Pioneer now.

Look up HooplahX and friend me when you get there
I believe you're on PC and I am on PS4. If that is the case bummer.
Hey OP, when you start on the Cyclops, if you ever want to wing up i will be glad to help out to get you on your feet. I just read the thread and i see you are on PS👍
Btw, for some reason on PS Asterope doesn't spawn NHSS, so it doesn't get used much.
If you feel brave try landing at Ceres Tarn in HR 1185, if i am in the Pleiades i would normally hunt out the Indra in HR 1185 or Artemis Lodge in Celaeno for the views.
Currently in the Wild Wild Witch Head though, where if you are destroyed with any form of bounty, you get sent all the way to the Peleiades naughty step.
Anyway if you ever wanna wing up and hunt send me a frnd req🙂
With AX turrets it's a breeze. Your Krait is not fast enough for fixed hardpoints and the amount of sustained leading it then needs to land shots on targets.
Yep, found out the hard....ish way.
Anyway if you ever wanna wing up and hunt send me a frnd req
Just need the gamer tag. I've already linked up with several on here. At least friend request wise. As I said, heading to Colonia for a week or so just to scope things out and maybe lend a hand to what's going down there (few PS4 players there now) and then I'll come back. Fighting Thargoids got me excited but I already had this Colonia trip planned so I am going to follow through. When I do get back I want to build another ship. A different one...I read through some of the AXI stuff. Actually winging up might help me improve my combat. So I am already motivated to come back from Colonia and I haven't even left yet
Best hunting grounds are in the Pleiades, plenty of systems with stations to choose from, even more with a FC at hand. Look for systems with a single star and then go after NHSS 4, preferably those out in the black to cut down on travel time. Second best would be incursion state systems in the bubble if you want to help fend off Thargoid attacks.
As has been pointed out already, AX MC turrets in "Target only" firing mode are arguably the best choice vs Scouts. If you want to practice your aiming or prepare for taking on Interceptors go with Guardian weapons but keep in mind that you don't get to use any turret modes on these.
The Scouts main weapon gets fully absorbed by your shields so you want to bring plenty of MJ. The same goes for the raw damage dealt by their caustic missiles. As for the caustic damage there are two ways to deal with that. First, as discussed, are decon limpets. Less obvious: heat. Overheating your ship will literally boil off that goo. It's also way faster, near instant if you can get your level high enough. The sweet spot lies somewhere around 140-150%, anything more than that will cause too much module damage.
My own Mk II build is in fact designed around the ability to overheat as quickly and reliably as possible with the help of 2 imperial rails and a D-rated PP:
The limiting factor for this ship is the MC ammo count but given enough synth refills it will happily shred Scouts for hours on end.
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