'Goidstep' - Elite Dangerous Music

A few weeks ago I released The Thargoid Song, which went down far better than I expected, and some people commented about wanting to hear a dubstep Thargoid track.
So here I present 'Goidstep' - a dubstep inspired track. I won't insult any audio/music producers by saying this IS dubstep because honestly my music genres merge together so much.
Anyway here it is, I used pretty much the same in-game samples as with The Thargoid Song and also used some basic kick, snare and hi hat samples for the basic beat sequence. I hope you all enjoy it!

Thanks for the awesome replies guys! I did make a version where I replaced the real world kick, snare and hi hat samples with kind of similar sounding clips from the game. It doesn't quite sound as punchy but I could upload that too if there's interest. o7
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