General / Off-Topic Going to the tattoo studio in a few days time.

Ah ok then it's the D-Day.

Funnily enough the original booking literally was on D-Day. June 6th. Had to cancel because IRL crap. Suppose it meant I got to see the Red Arrows though, and Marine One.

Such is life. Fingers crossed nothing will get in the way now and I'll actually be able to make it later this month. I'm very excited. This is something I've wanted to do since I was like, 19.
Enjoy these last moments of virginity and bury your boy life before this marriage for the life.

Oh yes. It's certainly surreal knowing that in just a few days time, my body will be forever changed. The fact it excites me now more than ever tells me I'm ready. And I've felt excited by the prospect since I was 19. I'm extremely confident.
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