Gondola Lifts

Gondola lifts are great for transporting guests across the park without the need to create a circuit track ride. I would love to see this added to Planet Coaster. [big grin]
+1 Much needed Transport option - I just hope we get the Skyway-style Buckets / Cars instead of the Ski-lift style chairs
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Now that we have a People Mover in the form of Polarity in the World's Fair pack, it makes me want Sky Buckets even more for the sake of that old Disneyland feel!

This I can get behind! I would love to see a ride like this!
It would make a Cedar Point recreation a bit easy. Not that I would attempt to recreate Cedar Point without a ocean map.
But yea...
Frontier seems to put the more universal concepts in the main game, and the limited concepts in DLC, so Seeing something like a casual park skyway like what used to be at Disneyland is quite possible. Having the original buckets would be something more able to be seen in an alpine/retro pack. What I could see in the game to come eventually is Omnimover Systems, which can be applied to Dark Rides, Transport Rides, Ferris Wheels, 1-2 Car Coasters, to either be done just at the load station (Possibly with a no-return section), or all throughout the ride. That is how we will be able to have Space shooter Dark Rides, Toy Story Mania Shooters, Constant Skyways, Powered Inverted Coasters, and just Disney Dark Rides in Genral.
I to would like to see a chairlift in Planet Coaster. It has been requested a lot here on the forums. Hopefully Frontier will add it into the game.
As much as I agree, I think we need to fix the AI behaviour first with regards to the way transport rides are perceived. As in the bug section, riders seem to be enjoying them far too much and not purely using them as transport.