Gorillas Enrichment not registering

I'm playing on sandbox at the moment but I noticed that my gorillas enrichment items are not registering towards the enrichment of my gorillas the only enrichment I've managed to get to register is the keyboard. I have selected lowland gorillas only when selecting their enrichment items. I'm curious is anyone else experiencing this and is it a bug that I can fix now or is there a work around to boost enrichment score?

I verified my files to be on the safe side and restarted the game even with patch 1.2.5 its still the same.
I've never had this Problem. I do keep Gorillas but I do only play Sandbox-Mode to test Things or to create Blueprints.
Did you already let Steam scan the Game Files? Some Bugs can be fixed by that. If this doesn't help, maybe a Screenshot of the Enclosure and where you place the Items could be useful
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