Scenarios Grand Valley

And here is a new try at making scenarios ;)

Full pitch

Modernize this aging park at the heart of a luxurious valley thanks to your research team to take advantage of its wonderful surroundings... Speaking of environment, the municipality seems to care of the maximum height of your rides !

Workshop Link :Here !




  • Reach a park value of $80,000 $60,000
  • Reimburse your loan

  • Reach a park value of $120,000 $80,000
  • Reach a scenery rank of 690 510
  • Build 1 coaster :
    • at least 1,100m long
    • reach at least 120 km/h

  • Reach a park value of $160,000 $100,000
  • Reach a scenery rank of 990 690
  • Train 4 entertainers so they become "specialists"
  • Keep thefts below 5% 2% for 6 months with at least 1250 guests in your park
This scenario contains buildings and elements from other creators on the workshop :

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I'm currently playing this one.

Actually took me some time to repay the loan.
Could have deleted all scenery to do so, but that would be lame, and costs Park value.

Haven't reached the park vallue yet, still been playing for a while now.

Good job and nice coaster to start. [up]
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