Graphic Glitch in Crouch Walk

Broken animations.
Stealth anims are widely broken.

Animators still didn't fixed jumpy sprinting anims for Arc Cutter.
So no surprise.
Yes, shoulder accessories and decals clip into your FOV when crouching.

The halloween pumpkin outfit is nearly unusable for stealth stuff as a result because that shoulder pad obscures your entire field of view.

I have no idea why those things are even being rendered in first person view.
IT IS animation problem, bruv.
Do you know how animation works?
Yes, I know how an animation framework works in an engine. Here they obviously use the same instance to animate the suit for you and everybody else around who's looking at you.

If they disable this animation, you but also nobody else would see your suit animated (lol).
The well known easy fix for this is to disable rendering of those problematic sub-parts for your own camera.

P.S : I know that because I do it for a living.
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