Graphic quality of water and sky very poor

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Please improve the water and the game sky at this time they look very bad ... like a game at least 15 years ago .....

I think the problem is that bluish tone in the water all the time ... even being under trees.
And good the sky its total lack of resolution, fix that ... it is something super important in such a landscaping game.

another thing that also hurts is the poor quality of the models of the trees ...
besides adding a lot more variety ..and be able to place them individually
but good about adding much more variety of trees rocks etc etc etc has already been spoken in others post this I want to give special importance to the improvement of the models.

I hope they improve everything radically in a future patch or dlc.

The water looks...okay. If you really pay attention to the water, placed water areas actually overflow (temporarily) during rainfall.
The horizon line ocean looks like nothing though. There's no real sense of depth with it because of how bright it is.

The sky could use work. There actually isn't a real night skybox for non-Pena islands.
Also, the clouds look pretty meh.

To give an idea of how meh the sky is during the night (lighting too).
We have this:

But we could have this (or maybe implement a morning setting) :
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