Greater GalNet visability.

Just a quick idea. Having GalNet adds play as audio while below decks and docked up which give the headlines and direct the player to GalNet to get the full story could help players remember it's there and perhaps generate interest in the articles so they will read or listen to it. Ideally these would take the form of the headline and maybe a sentence to go with it about the current stories on GalNet, played in the docking bays when you are inside as if it's coming from a loudspeaker. Having headlines appear in the billboard rotations could help the same way. You could add some voiced ads to go with the audio headlines and the existing billboard ads to flesh the whole thing out a bit. The Elite setting is fairly dystopian, so constant ads on loudspeaker fits right in, don't forget to throw in some political garbage and propaganda from the Powerplayers as well :p


I think most people just ignore galnet simply because with the exception of the very few specfic case, it's mostly stuff that isn't even visibly happening in game.
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