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One of the firsts things I planned for the game, was to build a greenhouse insired by the "Ferme aux Crocodiles", a crocodile "farm" located at Pierrelatte, France. It is a reptile zoo that I visited many times and it's a must see for any croc fan (and it's a great place to see and photograph gharials). It's just when I knew that gharials were on the game when I started to think to recrete it.
During the beta I created a first version and uploaded it to the workshop, but once the full game was released I improved it quite a lot.


I created a first version that recreates the farm, with its original number of greenhouses when I visited it for first time (6 small ones plus a big one). This is what you can see on the previous picture. But later I realised that even doing it more or less at 1:1 scale, it looks too small, so I created modular versions that give more freedom.
It only include the structure of the greenhouse and all the indoor decoration is up to you ;) Here you have some examples of the modular greenhouses with some decoration inside, in this case for a Komodo dragon exhibit. I used two big modules plus a small one in the center used for the guests. The two big ones contain the animal habitats:




This is just the beginning of a pack of greenhouses that I've planned. Now I'm showing this as it's the first one that I created, but later I'll show the second one that I finished recently. More will come in the future ;)

If you want to try those greenhouses, here you have the links:

Big module:

Small module:

Ferme aux Crocodiles:
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I used my greenhouses a lot on some of my zoos and sometimes they are too "small" for what I want, so I decided to create a bigger greenhouse, capable of containing bigger trees and more exhibits inside. The "Ferme aux crocodiles" style greenhouses are fine for small exhibits, but if you want to recreate a big tropical hall, you need something bigger, something like this:



Perhaps it doesn't look big on the picture, but it have a heigh of about 30 meters and a width of almost 150 meters. It is also modular and you can make it as long as you want. As inspiration, I used the Masoala hall from Zürich Zoo, but with some degree of freedom, as I didn't wanted to recreate exactly the same exhibit.

Well, usually this kind of buildings are used for tropical rainforests, but having the release of the arctic pack tomorrow, this greenhouse can be also useful for creating a cold environment inside if your zoo is in a too hot region ;)

An example of how it looks inside:



As the previous greenhouse pack, this one is also available on my workshop:

I would like to show you the next greenhouse that will join this pack. It is still work in progress, but hope that I'll be able to release it.
This one is not modular and it is smaller than my last one. This greenhouse is a partially sunken one and at the entrance it will contain a zone with some terrariums.

For now, just one picture showing the entrance:


Actually, it is not a sunken building, but the elevation surrounding the building will create the effect of a sunken building.
Just found this thread - beautiful buildings! And I actually visited the Ferme aux Crocodiles during a vacation in France as a child :) I don't remember much of the particular looks, but it was really cool for my little self to see soo many reptiles. So also thanks for bringing up those memories!
Thanks, Lea_G! :) If you visited it as a child, now you'd see a lot of updates as has been expanded with new parts.

I've published the new greenhouse. Unlike the previous, this is not modular, but is built in a way that with very few effort you can make it longer.


(plants not included)

At the entrance there is a information kiosk, a toilet and two rooms that contain a total of 15 terrariums for your small tropical reptiles and invertebrates.


After that, there's the entrance to the main greenhouse area that you can decorate according your own taste, as it is completely empty. You can even turn this tropical hall into a desert hall ;)

This is how it can look once decorated:


But you'll find this:


Due the big amount of pieces, it is saved as an habitat. After placing it, remove the habitat fence.

If you want to add it to your zoo, just download it from my workshop:

Oh my lord! These are stunning! Not only do I really want to visit that reptile zoo irl now, but I am getting excited to try making a greenhouse zoo in a tundra/snowy biome in planet zoo. That would be so fun. Thank you for sharing these excellent creations.


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Wow, brilliant work, aim_foliksta! Thank you for sharing it with us here on the forums ❤
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