[INDEPENDENT] --GreyBeard Delta Squadron-- -OV40- Are you looking for a more experienced.. more adult..PS4 CMDR squad? Look no further.

We are a predominately over 40’s group of commanders from all over the Earth
who have come together to enjoy the Elite Dangerous universe to
enjoy all aspects of the game.

We are a PvE focused PS4 squadron and invite and encourage newer players to join
as we have a wealth of experience to support engineering and CMDR development.
We also welcome veteran players to help in our knowledge base and continued education.

Our Squadron seeks to achieve and sustain excellence in

Teaching Game Mechanics

Commander Development

and Research and Geologic Extraction..

All whilst pointing its bows to the edge of the Galactic Rim in its passion for Interstellar Discovery.


We use Discord and have a presence on INARA.

Inquire On Joining Today!
I hope that in the near future our Minor Faction and Squadron could be allies with your Squadron we share your views and already few of your members are our friends. One of them was my mentor. We would love to have you fighting, missions doing etc... to help us grow our influence in AOWICA our base system.
We have to do it, I think it will be great.
I’ll be happy to discuss that with you. Let me know.

We are all in the same age bracket, with me totalling a whooping 56 years of age😁


This short message to say thank you for the ENORMOUS help that your Squadron provided last night in AOWICA.
We are humbled by your actions and we will return the favour if you ever need it.
We may not be official allies but you guys have earned our deepest and sincere respect.
In the name of all my faction buddies here in AOWICA, thank you so much.
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