Griefers at Farseer Inc

Deciat + Open Play aka FFA PvP/Gankfest is only useful if you want to
  • test your Engineered Ship Build
  • PvP/GvP
  • seek which CMDRs you need to toss into a Block clean out the riffraff

If you merely go there to get some Engineering done in some unengineered Ship, Solo/PG is clearly the smarter choice.
Yes, we must block people who engage in PvP. I mean really, people engaging in PvP in a game that allows people to engage in PvP. They must be doing something wrong and should be blocked for it. Right? The humanity!
If I'm anywhere but an Anarchy system and you attempt to pop my hull without any pirate-like preamble, you get blocked. An an Anarchy system, I'll just call you an a'hole as I leave.

All joking aside, but blocking people for engaging in PvP in a game that allows people to engage in PvP is utterly absurd to me. That's just abusing the blocking functionality. If you must, don't block them for it, go to Solo where you belong.
Blocking people in a game that allows people to block other players is as much abusing of the blocking functionality as ganking PvE ships is abusing the PvP functionality.
I think this sums it up quite succinctly.

How about instead of telling me to go play in Solo, you go play a game with combat as its central focus? Combat is just one element of ED, one that some seem to think is the only one that matters and that everyone should play that way.. Myself, I prefer the exploration elements.

That said, I was at Farseer not long ago and was the only human player in my instance.. There didn't seem to be anyone around at all. Joys of being on the farside..
Yeah I found that out - was able to land just fine but when I left I think I was swarmed. The first time I was interdicted then destroyed, the 2nd time I hadn’t even entered supercruise and was dead before I knew what happened. I think I tried one more time before I said “Oh yeah, I can just go into solo” (I’m new).

I saw there was a block player functionality in the com pane - so I take it if I block a player, they can no longer see me in Open?

I don’t really get the fun of seal clubbing but whatever. I was just in a fairly basic DBX but after discovering the ease of panite mining, I just about have enough for the Krait I have my eye on.
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