Roller Coasters Grimestone Mine [Darkride]

Grimestone Mine is located in a tiny, stony bay, far away from any civilization. Some brave pirates founded a little settlement here and dig deep into Grimestone Mine. They hope to find the legendary treasure of Grimestone. But it´s dangerous because the cave is very old and could collapse. With some wooden structures they supported the most important shafts. Are you brave enough to enter the cave? And if so, avoid the dangerous shafts, as you explore a dark world with a new obstacle around every corner...

by RCT D!
I know .. you are a perfetionist :D It all looks very promising and great!
Just the mine cart need those single Train rail pieces to fit the width ;)

Greatly done! Can´t wait to see more!
Grimestone Mine Update 2

Finally this is my first project in terms of Planet Coaster. Most of my projects in RCT3 are darkrides and stuff beyond that. So I´ll try to use Planet Coaster as well to create darkrides and will keep my style of building.

Grimestone Bay

Station of the Ride

Station by night

by RCT D!
Grimestone Mine Update 3

The Gold Rush is open to all - February the 10th, 2017.

Grimestone Lake

Deep in Grimestone Mine

Grimestone town by night

by RCT D!
Wow man, gona check this out on workshop right now, thanks for the share!
EDIT: couldn't find in workshop, pls upload : >
Cheers, Haxelord.
Wow - great ride, great scenery, great audio and music, great video. I say you are in for a name change... "PC D". [wink]

Question. the video was superb quality. do you have a secret or do you just have a kick-azz computer?
From my post on Youtube:

You've outdone all your other projects with this one...and that's no small feat! Ha ha! This was so amazing. Rarely do I have to watch a ride project video twice, but I kept replaying parts and watching it again and again. Some BRILLIANT surprises in those mines. Wow. And that was the SCARIEST lift hill ever! Oh my...the anticipation killed me. Ha ha!