Group Exploration Cooperation

Would be nice to have kind of group exploration functionality.

For instance an exploration group of two players explore system A.
  • System A has 20 objects
  • Player A scan 10 objects (detail surface scan)
  • Player B scan 10 objects (detail surface scan)
    everyone in the group get all scan from all members.
  • Player A 20 scan (10 scans by player A + 10 scans by player B)
  • Player B 20 scan (10 scans by player B + 10 scans by player A)
I think is easy and nice idea.
This is how it currently works. If player A and B wing up, then they share honk data and surface scan data - and, for unexplored systems, can even share first discovery credit. There are a few planets near me which have two or three names on the first discovery credit, and I have plenty of exploration data for systems I visited without a discovery scanner at all because I was winged up with someone who did.

(There may be some bugs if the players get too far apart while scanning still, but if it doesn't work for you report it)
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