Growing slightly Asian inspired building props collection

Hi everyone, first post here :)

I am currently working on an Asian inspired park. I didn't really want to go for a traditional Japanese or Chinese look so I combined different styles in something hopefully new.
Since it takes quite a bit of time to create those I thought I should share them and get some feedback as well:

So without further ado:

Asian inspired Building Prop with slots for two shops (Chief Beef and Fries included but you can easily switch them to any other shop or information booth during editing). The building has adjustable support pillars so you can adjust the lower part of the pillar to the height you need. Also additional space at the top for signs :)
The path can be easily connected to both shop fronts with one stair and combined at the front with a nice space for a bench.


There is also a normal Asian inspired House prop without shop slot (working on a single shop building as well atm)


Currently working on toilet stalls so stay tuned for more to go with the theme.
Also, a like or upvote would of course be very much apprecited. :)
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