Guardian blueprint brokers

There is new stuff in the game.
I want access to that stuff.
It requires either a weapon, module, or ship blueprint.
Actually each weapon / module / ship? require multiple.

The blueprint puzzle getting thing is a good game mechanic, but:
1) The RNG gods decide which blueprint I'm going to get.
2) I'm going to need to do the same puzzle LOTS of times.

Possible ways around this:
1 can be solved by having certain guardian location only drop certain blueprints. So one site would reliable drop one type of blueprint.
1 can be solved by having each guardian temple orb location thing drop 1 of every type of blueprint.
1 can be solved by having a guardian blueprint broker, with 1 to 1 trading of blueprint data

2 can be solved by reducing the blueprint limit.

Please Pleas change this ...
Yeah, after the first 10 times it starts to get a bit old.

I don't think this game is a grindy as some people say but having something that you have to get quite a few of, you can only get it one way, you wouldn't normally do it, you have to go way out of your way to do it, and you may or may not even get it by doing that is definitely a grind.
I’m just going t throw this out there, but you know you can only get the weapons Bp at one site and the module BP at another?
The amount of times you have to do repeats on the sites is really affecting the enjoyment of said sites. At first I loved the ambiance of the sites, then it just lost all of its magic when I had to do just so many repeats of it, at the end I kinda resented the place. Also randomized skimmer spawns would be at least a small relief, maybe even put some weighted randomization on the amount of skimmers too.
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