"Guardian Civilization"

OK. So I'm out doing a little exploring of the Guardian sites -- initially going to one of the well-known sites where Weapon blueprints can be found.

I tried filtering the star map to show "Civilizations" and saw another guardian system nearby. I got there and found...nothing. I scanned all the planets with the FSS (but not the DSS) and found nothing further to investigate. The system, however, was definitely flagged as a Guardian system.

Then, on my way jumping to a third system flagged on the map I encountered a non-flagged system that had a clear Nav marker pointing to a Guardian Structure (this time an absolutely huge settlement -- possibly for the fighter blueprints? It was much, much larger than the weapons or module blueprint sites that I've been to before, and had a terminal machine in it, with the energy pylons etc).

But on my galaxy map this system doesn't register as a Guardian system at all.

So what is going on?
No idea, it might be a bug(and not the kind that shoot acid at ya). I would say, 1. mark the location of the guardian site. 2 .Put a bug report in the issue tracker. 3. Ask the people in the exploration section of the forums maybe?
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