Guardian Equipment Priorities?

Today I've started Ram Tah's quest and have been gathering Guardian materials, but it has been a bit of a chore and so I want to return home already. So far I have 2 Module Blueprints and a bunch of assorted mats and data. Since they are such a drag to get, I want to use these now for the most important stuff and put everything else on the backburner. Also, I had to selfdestruct one of my SRVs since I got stuck, so I'm down to one now anyway.

I've been thinking I'd get Shield Reinforcement first, and the FSD Booster. Actually I will have to instance once more and collect a few more Tech Fragments to get both of them, as these seem to drop rather rarely. So maybe I can arx myself to get another BP fragment as I'm about it. If so, what module would you recommend to get next?

As I guess my playstyle matters for that kind of question: on the Action side, mostly Solo/Wing PvE HazRES, haven't seen a Thargoid yet, and my favourite ship (so far) is the Chieftain. Apart from that, some exploration and mission running. Currently not interested in PVP.

Oh and one more question -- you can't trade Guardian materials/data, can you? Don't think I ever saw them listed at the mat traders.
FSD booster should be your top priority for the extra jump range, cuts the travel grind. Don't do much combat, so I found the Guardian power plant the second most useful as I don't have to engineer over charged power plants. For combat, the Shield Reinforcements is a good second choice.
If you are a new player and you don't have the engineering unlocks done for PP and PD's yet, the guardian modules for those are really nice. Once unlocked you can buy as many as you like, no engineering mats required. Even though I have all engineers unlocked I still use them sometimes on ships I just dont need to have min/maxed. The FSD booster is arguably the best thing to get first, again as many as you want from 1 unlock. Size 5 FSD booster adds 10 years of jump range for 1.3 tons of mass.

Shiled and hull reinforcements can be handy, but they do draw power so aren't always ideal, depends on your ship/build and how much power your PP has to spare.
FSD Booster --> Module Reinforcement --> Shield Reinforcement --> Medium Gauss Cannon --> Small Gauss Cannon --> Large Fixed Shard Cannon --> Lance Fighter --> Everything else.
That's the priority list.
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