Guardian Modules are great for new CMDRs and more

Great stepping stones between base module and engineered.

Also, sometimes they are great for veteran CMDRs who just want to fly a new ship (for a testdrive and such) and have some benefits with their unlocked modules without going through the whole Engineering process or just did not bother with Engineers at all.

I think we will see some more modules in the future, but personally I would like to see Guardian Thrusters, FSD, and Shield Generator, maybe comparable to G3-4 Engineered modules?

Also, Guardian weapons are really fun to use, I wish they would be slightly better against human ships, then probably would use them a lot more. Them being fixed gives a great balance for not being "a no-brainer better option", a "skill" is required to use them effectively, and damage is not on-par with G5 weapon upgrades.
I agree. It's pleasant to buy a new ship an be able to outfit it directly decently with those "pre-engineered" modules.

Although a little buff would be nice, for me some of those are most of the time good enough that I don't bother engineering normal ones, as collecting mats and jumping among traders is not a task I particularly enjoy :)

I second the thrusters, shield generator, and fsd!
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