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I will check Col 173 Sector HR-M B23-3 just in case (in 3 hours when RL will hopefully go to sleep :p)

"Alpha" site is mentioned in both trailers.
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Just as info. The Ram Tha mission is still working. Got it picked up before the update and it is still there. Will try to complete it in the upcoming days to check if something has changed there.


BTW: Synthesis panel shows option for Guardian weapons. They require new Guardian materials.
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Don’t know if anyone else has checked the Galmap filters, but the Col 173 shows up as Guardian in mine and the other two show as None.
in the synuefe system there are ruins, i`m in one.
Yeah, I’m just meaning it in terms of what criteria determines whether they show up in the Galmap or not. Am quite pleased to see that the systems without known sites in them aren’t showing up via the filter.
I unlocked something at the site - will upload and share shortly - but it'll be spoilered.

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Some ruins are far less visible now :/

but then after landing is good again, makes no sense :)

So I've checked in Eorl Auwsy, two systems found by cmdr B0rys show as Guardian, the one found by me does not. The one obvious difference I see is that the system I am talking about has not been sold to Universal Cartographics yet, so maybe this is one of conditions to show them on the map.
Checked all three systems, no Guardian Structures that I can see.
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