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Whilst completing the pylon activating routine at the Guardian Structure (weapon blueprint) in SYNUEFE CE-R C21-6/C1 last night, I came across a timer bug - reported as follows:


We did get it finished - and then completed it straight away again for my "wingman". We've given up trying to get the Thargoid tissue samples. Not because we are losing ships - most times I actually survive the encounter - but because those durned Interceptors keep doing a runner before the sampling is complete. We considered it too much messing about to be worthwhile - so just collecting all the Guardian goodies at the structures instead, to get some nice hardware.
I have to agree.

So many commanders, including myself, plugged hundreds of hours in trying to unravel various hypotheses at the Ancient Ruins... So much research... And it has led to nothing.

I would love for more, but with Frontier, they are only a "what you see is what you get" and nothing more. I think that because they added the Thargoid Sensors and Probes, and people decode those sounds, it led people to believe in other stuff having a potential deeper mystery in the game to unravel...

They changed the background music at all guardian sites, and changed the "placeholder" imagery with actual working glyphs on the obelisks as a way of gently letting people down...
No clues to any potential meaning, but the rolling images do change when the pylon is charged.

The pylons opens up and reveals about four times as much of the rolling image.
The image is also far brighter, with heavy back lighting.

I haven't spotted any particular details that stad out. Seems like just a bitmap that is mirrored, like a Rorschach image.
Hey all. I'm 2/3 of the way through the first Ram Tah mission, better nate than lever, right?

I haven't really been keeping close track because I'm not in a hurry and apparently they broke the "optimal guide" in 3.0 anyway, but now that I'm nearing the ending stages, I figured I should ask... Are the various site patterns direct copies of each other or are there differences in which monoliths are active? Like, if I scanned all of the monoliths on a pattern Gamma site, I should never visit another pattern Gamma site?
Okay. But there is repetition in the various data package unlocks...

I thought so, but I wanted to get some confirmation that I'm basically just going to need to keep scanning the whole of every new site, even if I'm not getting pings and things look similar... I do remember that there were some pattern Alpha sites that had monoliths on the top tier of the big pit and others that did not. Whew! I'm glad I have almost another two weeks until the timer runs out, though I hope to have it done before that!
If you run short of time, you can use Canonn's site maps to find sites with the codex entries that you're still missing. Though the previous optimal route may be broken, most of the sites still have the documented data based on my last run.
Yeah, I didn't keep track of which data-points I've scanned and deleted the e-mails, but I'm staying pretty regular on my 10 scans a day target regardless. I went from 60-70 today in just an hour and a half or so, and I may put in a bit more tonight.

edit: I put in another hour or so and got nothing to show for it except for some data packages, but I'm glad because it'll take all of what I have and more to unlock those fighters...
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Don't waste your time on glyphs. They mean jack squat and purely decorative and prone to be changed at whim and wants without warning or courtesy.
I hit 72 mil for the mission and then decided to farm some of the structures for some weapon and module blueprints before heading back in... but scanning glyphs is necessary to get some of the obelisk data packages necessary to get access to modules and the fighters so I don't know what you're on about.
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After second look it seems to me that triangle glyphs are markings, positioned on Guardian objects with relic, key, power cell, conduit, pillars...

Counted 14 different so far, always on "energy" objects.
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I was sooo disappointed yesterday. Found an undiscovered system very close to the COL 173 one with a Guardian Structure and was praying I'd find a new one there. Especially when I got to the lower system landables.

Nah! Same old....


Oh - and who says you can't land a large ship (equipped with two roof mounted point defence turrets!) at a Guardian Structure?

I post it to this thread because it deals with Guardians

Should we take action against Sirius Corp?

When I read that Sirius Corp intended to take over Ram Tah's research results and technological achievement and he refused to agree, I suggested that they would not stop to continue with their dark plans. Today I read that a squad of legionnaires tried to invade Meene. According to Galnet they were annihilated.

So can or should we help Ram Tah in any way? Should we start to fight against Sirius Corp?

Edit Nov. 08, 3304: As I wrote above: "...they would not stop..." . Please read this! Sirius Corp. is forcing Ram Tah to surrender!
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Ram Tah has no rights to keep information crucial for survival of Human race to himself.
He should be annihilated, for he is gambling with other people's lives.
He speaks bad English language, tells fairy tales to explorers with serious look, he made up 80% of Guardian logs and spoils game content.

I vote extermination.
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