Guest Interactive Areas - Water Splash Zone, Etc.

So, I've been thinking about what things do I see in Theme Parks all the time now but haven't really been in any previous coaster game (I know of) and hasn't seemed to be mentioned yet.

One was "more interactive areas" besides just rides and vendors...
- Water "splash" play areas (mostly aimed at young kids age group). I've seen these at every theme park now so I don't think it's something that would have to wait for a "soaked" expansion.
- "Playground" type zones. This could be something that is user customizable with various "climb-on" elements, etc. (Again mostly for kids.)
- Water drinking fountains.
- Photo spots (I think RCT3 had that)
- Etc. (Other things guests would interact with. Suggestions?)

Also, this brings up adding in very young kids (2-3 Y.O.) and babies plus everything that goes with them (since this is of course, realistic.)...
- Strollers, Stroller rentals, Stroller parking areas
- "Mom's" room
- Families groups having to split up. (Some going on the ride while some sit it out to watch the little ones.)
- Crying babies and little kids (how often could be effected by how well your park entertains that age group.)
Yes yes yes and definitely yes! I was thinking about playgrounds the other day, and that's definitely something missing from theme park games. [up]

I'm totally for adding babies, too. That way we can drown them... Wait, what?
Really good ideas... I really hope to see these kind of details that makes theme park come to life. [up]
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