One of the big things I've wanted since launch is the addition of something I am going to dub a "Guest Mode". This would allow you to experience your park on the ground, from the perspective of a guest or visitor. You'd have free reign of the park, you'd be able to go on rides and enter buildings, it would be the complete experience.

One of the problems I've had with the game is that once the park is built and functional, it doesn't feel like there is much to really do with it. You can keep researching more dinosaurs and get improvements for buildings, but the novelty does wear out after a while, so to be able to experience the wonder and awe of these dinosaurs in this park from a first person, ground level perspective, completely change the game in the best way possible.

Imagine you build your park and it is a success. Suddenly, a button comes up at the bottom of the screen and it says "Guest Mode". You press it, and suddenly, you're on the train to Jurassic World. You exit the train and step through the gates, and it is not just Jurassic World, it is YOUR Jurassic World. The one that you've build and you have free reign to do whatever you want. You can go to the hotels and book a room. You can go to the restaurants and gift shops. And of course, you can go on all the rides and see all your dinosaurs close up, and if there is a break out, it is suddenly a truly terrifying experience, because they aren't just killing faceless guests, they're actively hunting you and everyone around you. And yes, there would be a death state in guest mode, so that means there's plenty of room to build up substantial gameplay to make dying mean something. To give your guest character something to lose if they die in a natural disaster or dinosaur breakout.

I feel like this could be a massive, paid expansion pack. Something to really draw old players back in and just bring in an entirely different audience. It would change the game fundamentally and it would be all the better for it. Hell, it could probably be a spin off game with the sheer amount of potential the idea has. There could even be VR support like what was added to Elite Dangerous.

Now I'll open it up to you guys. If you could get this mythical "Guest Mode" added into the game, what features would you include? What would you like to see from it? I'm not expecting to see this one added anytime soon through, because it would be a massive undertaking, but I'd like to see it added eventually, or at least with a possible Jurassic World: Evolution II.
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