Guests and Staff Facilities

It's a game feature, learn to play with it.
I pulled my hair out when security was firstly introduced in PlanCo as I had tons upon tons of problems and issues I could not get right.

Excuse me for meme-ing, but this fits all bills.
You're trying to compare a chicken and a turkey.

This has NOTHING to do with getting use to something.

What? You think I want this game to NOT improve? That I am some spoiled teen who believes the world should spin around me?

NO! I have not been a teen in decades.

I am not complaining just to complain, I am merely pointing out a serious mechanical design flaw. That, (in my opinion) developers should have foreseen.

Look, you like the mechanic, that is great more power to you. I however, am I trying to come at this "problem" from a different perspective and not be a "Yes man/women" to the developers. Games cannot improve if we all sit back and stay silent about our opinions. And if my opinion is or is not taken into consideration for improvement down the road, at least I can say I tried. While you or anyone else can just stay silent and just get use to it.
How is making an intended game feature (not a "serious mechanical design flaw") easier equal to improving a game?
Improving for you and some others, while many of us have learned to work around this and solve it in creative ways.
This is after all not just an animal simulator, it's also a creative builder.
If you want to play just the simulation aspect, sandbox is your go to place where these inconveniences won't matter.

Is this feature realistic? Perhaps not. Does it bring extra challenge to the game? Yes, it does.
You say you have not been a teen in decades, yet your whole post is acting like one I'm afraid.

I like the mechanic, and that us exactly what it is. A game mechanic. Not a "problem".
This is still an open forum and we are here to discus things and give our opinions on. You are allowed to voice your discontent if you wish, as am I allowed to counter argue.
that radius thinngy does not make sense to me, but i just see it as a little challenge and try to work with it. And I have to say it gives me some interesting ideas to decorate and landscape my zoos now
I like the concept of needing to hide staff buildings. I do not like x ray vision guests that complain specifically about the view of buildings through solid objects and terrain. I find it immersion breaking and honestly kind of lazy. A few small tweaks to the system could make it feel so much better and more realistic. To me it's an arbitrary and unpolished system that just doesn't pass muster.I still want to hide staff facilities, I just want more ways to do it and greater flexibility with my floorplans than what arbitrary range based detection allows. I find there to be challenge in creating compact and efficient structures with integrated staff facilities. I'm not satisfied with the current system.
No, it is no "nice feature" as long as guests use staff-paths like normal paths. I'm going to shut down my zoo, because it' s no fun to spend hours of gameplay with extracting guests from staffpaths while they complain that nobody is hiding staffbuildings. I like this game very much, but I prefer watching animals over continuously pampering guests.

Please rename the game to "Planet Guest".
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It's a bit unfair to judge this feature because we are experiencing some bugs with the paths.

And you had the compost building (in ZT) which shouldn't be placed near the visitors as well.

I also like the feature.. makes you think before planning out your zoo.
They could add more researchable options, like the solar panel option.
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I like thinking and plannig very much. But it's to no avail, if you can' t build as you would like to build because of game-features not working. Either should guests be less demanding or pathfinding-intelligence working. I have keepers that spend 100% of their time running around and doing zero work while their workgroup-brother is complaining of overwork. Same workzone. How can this be?

My guess is: to many guests keep blocking the staffpaths, so the keeper searches an other way and goes far astray from his workzone and can't find a way back. This is just frustrating and has got nothing to do with planning.
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This game is awesome and you have to pay attention to ALL the management guidelines. Just check your heat map, it will show you if your guests will be negatively impacted. Its not a difficult solution nor important enough to be complaining about. My zoo is coming along extremely well, you have to pay attention and PLAN accordingly.

I hope that the dev team doesnt cave into all these trivial management issues that can easily be resolved. This game is a management game after all. The more min/max and complex the better!!!
I agree that there should be more at play than just a radius.

The function for scenery to affect the radius of staff facilities adds an additional level of management and immersion to the game as you now have a reason to decorate your facilities, in addition, by decorating the facilities the radius will reduce and allow you to build them closer to guests and help you plan new ways to build access for staff and guests.

The goal of such functions should not revolve around hindering a player and causing stress because they cannot enjoy expressing their creativity, instead the function should encourage the player to embrace creativity and give alternatives and offer the ability for players to have a way to build certain structures where they want by meeting some type of requirement to mitigate it's negative impact (in this case the easiest is the scenery requirement).

Creativity isn't just designing pretty buildings to display, creativity is also designing architectural solutions to meet the needs of both customers and employees.

Architectural solutions example: If you want a staff room for the customer service staff, you want that staff room to be in the same building as the customer service facilities, it is logical design, such architectural solutions should only cause a negative impact to guests if they can see the insulation and air conditioning ducting on said building, but if the player adds walls etc to hide the staff room then the negative impact is pretty much 0 as you cannot see it.
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