Guests are not watching fireworks shows

Park guests will not stop and enjoy the pyrotechnics shows no matter what I do, apparently. Certain challenges cannot even be completed without this game mechanic.

I have watched every youtube tutorial on the subject (none of them mention this issue, nor show you how its "supposed to be done"). I have read every forum going back to 2016 (there are only a few on the subject and none of them offer any solution). I have placed vista points all over and connected them with the show, opened up wide viewing pathways with excellent sky access and even tried decorating in a way that augments the show. I have watched every fireworks show uploaded in video form by the community (I think) and none of them actually show guests looking up and pointing (an odd omission, since these people, worked so hard on their shows and we're proud of them enough to put them up online). I have gone into sandbox mode and experimented with near and far firework placements and where obstructions might matter and even tried to bury small pyrotechnics just under the guest's feet to see if close proximity would trigger them.

The ONLY place I've seen crowds of people looking up and cheering during a fireworks show is in the original trailer (a wonderful moment that is quintessential to a well-rounded amusement park experience). I have only experienced random and rare guests stopping to look during a show... and never all the way through. They just go back to what they were doing while the explosions are still going off! So is this a BUG? Is it being fixed soon? Am I missing something obvious? I can't complete the first challenge, on easy mode, to get 100 guests watching fireworks for 30 seconds!

I would REALLY like to know what the exact mechanism is, in the game coding, that triggers the "look up and point" animation. I will upload a tutorial to youtube when I find out what works in order to spare future park designers of this potential frustration. I SO wanna see the looks on their little faces! Please help.


Below video I made just after release of the fireworks (June 2017), you can see in the bottom left and right guests are stopping and watching. But I haven't made a fireworks show since.

I know it worked upon release. Maybe it's bugged after the latest update?

Also, not everybody stops and looks, and I think that is intended.


I have this same issue. It used to work previously , but no longer works. The guests just ignore the fireworks now. Would be great if this feature could be turned on again.
Oh!! I thought this was just me and the fact that I was using a custom scenario and forgotten to toggle a setting... This is a very good point, they aren't working...
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