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Guests decide too late when to go on a ride or not


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected


The issue:
With one of the most popular rides on my park, people decide way too late whether to enter the ride or not.

They decide only a few meter in front of the queue:
- They can't pay the price
- They don't want to pay the price
- They find the queue too long (where the queue time according to the statistics is only 5 minutes)
- They regard the queue as 'full' while there is plenty of space.

Please see this video which shows/describes it all:

Can this please be solved by e.g.:
- Providing guests with some kind of information about rides and make a better decision to go for a ride, or not. The money issue is weird that it shows up at the queue: if they only have a few bucks left it is strange that they try to queue where the ride is about 20 dollars.
- 5 minutes is actually not long for a queue, but still they think so. This seems like a bug. I have other rides that have a longer waiting time or a physical longer queue.

Steps to Reproduce
It's not really a 1-2-3 steps to reproduce issue. But I hope my description is clear enough :)
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Frontier QA Team
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Thanks for the report. This is something we are currently investigating. :)