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Guests Not Using Picnic Benches


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected
Shops and Facilities

Guests are not using picnic benches. Guests just walk right past them.

Steps to Reproduce
Place a picnic bench
Open park
See if guests use them
Put them right next to a shop and they will be used occasionally. Peeps don´t sit there for long though. I just recently discovered that a group of people sat down on a picnic bench withouut any food or drink. They just sat there and chatted for a while.
The Problem is i guess, that if there are normal benches around and the peeps are not tired they won't use the Picnic Benches. That is at least what i observed. Would be nice if the peeps would use them even though they are not tired.

So i guess it is not a bug per se. But the Feature might need tweaking :D
I have placed them right next to shops.. Right across the path from shops and everywhere in between. I have rarely.. Extremely rarely ever seen them do more than sit down at a table. In fact I think I only saw them eat at it one time. I have reported this issue previously. Myself