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Guests seeking benches


Most of the time

Area of Game Affected

Guests in the Great Tree scenario complain about not having benches--it's one of the most common guest thoughts in the whole park--despite there being benches everywhere.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Play The Great Tree
2. Place a bunch of benches
Thoughts are based on a period of time and stay mentioned for some small time even when they already used the benches.


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
As mentioned above, when did you place the benches? Are the benches all over the park, or just in one area?
The park has a few "branches" that have no attractions where guests never wander. Most of those have benches as well, but not all. Every part where guests walk is about as dense with benches as in that screenshot. The last time I added more benches was several game-months before this screenshot was taken.
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What are the energy levels of the peeps?

If they are full the message is wrongfully displayed. then this could be a bug