Guests should stop and admire terrain, coasters etc.

So i have built a park where a coaster goes over some paths and on roofs and such and no one seems to care. When I go to a theme park I always stop and watch the coaster go by and admire the buildings and everything. It would be nice if guests in planet coaster would do the same[woah]. Now when my coaster goes by above or near them, guests just ignore it and keep walking or whatever they are doing. And same goes with every ride, I usually watch a ride or a coaster before going to ride them myself.

And for scenery I have built a big beautiful castle and no one seems to care, the just walk like there is nothing good to see. I really hope this can, and will be added to the game, it would be awesome to see guests to stop and admire the things I have built, taking photos and everything.
Agree'd, adds more realism, etc. Plus it would almost make it feel like the AI appreciates all your efforts, would also be good for decorated ques.
Agreed. I think that you can tie this to the heuristic tool that Frontier will use for their management simulation, where different objects or situations that affect the guests trigger in the game.
And I would love to see "wandering" guests that just walk around the park. I have some beautiful areas in my park that guests just wont go, like parks and forest trails.
I think this is highly likely to happen - IIRC it was in RTC3 where peeps would stop and take photos and you could see their thoughts saying something like "oh look, a new roller coaster" when you were building one

Something I wouldn't mind seeing (in line with real parks) would be the ability to put up photo points in the park - a sign saying something like "photo spot" or similar that would prompt peeps to stop at the point and take photos of each other

skipping ahead a few steps it would then be nice to have a modular shop for photo printing - similar to photo pass booths in real parks so that peeps can bulk buy ride photos and park photos from one place. Couple that with staff members that are park photographers that you can station at key areas of the park and we're onto some juicy goodness