Hello, i've been playing this game for a while and, even tho i'm enjoying it so much i find something that disgusts me and it ruins my immersive experience. I don't know if this is a common topic but here we go..

This might sound like a rant but it's not at all, i want to give a constructive criticism but i'm not going to be soft: The GUI, every single ship has the same GUI design and color, from a cheap ugly brick-like adder to an amazing, luxurious imperial cutter (i know that you can "change" the color tweaking some documents of the game, but you can't do that ingame) and this is just ridiculous, lazy and ugly, i mean, i find this topic something really obvious and the game was released on december of 2014, it's been almost 4 years.

I suggest to create different user interfaces for each ship manufacturer, Gutamaya, lakon and so on, and enable a color costumization ingame, that cannot be that difficult and that would be great!
Any decent website currently allows you to customize your dashboard, add and remove panels, and all that jazz. It's ridiculous that a spaceship wouldn't have complete customizable UI panels, based upon the desire of the pilot.

And while I hate to give more avenues for monetization: deluxe UI elements could be on the store, as long as they're not hideously over-priced. (I think some of the store stuff is pretty much at the edge of sane pricing as it stands.)
that cannot be that difficult and that would be great!
This subject has been discussed many times, and I think we are all in agreement that customization would be great, even if it was just colours, however FDEV have come back with replies to this and in fact it turns out according to them that it is indeed a major undertaking. If the ship GUI wasn't designed for easy updating way back when it was first introduced it's probably going to require a complete rewrite of that section of the code which may have flow down effects in other areas, so I expect any change in the ships GUI will be part of a major update rather than a minor easy to do patch.

Not being familiar with the code we can only take FDEV's word on this, it isn't as easy as it appears.

Oh and comparing a games code with a website design it's not really making a good comparison, the WWW appeared in 1990, that's 28 years ago, and believe me it was pretty basic for most of those years.
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