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This forum thread is dedicated to explaining how you can participate in the Fleet Carriers Update beta. As a reminder, the beta will only be available for PC players (we will be hosting a second beta for PC and console players in May).

Here are the steps to access the Beta:
  1. Open Steam (If you use the Elite Dangerous launcher skip to step 4).
  2. Open Elite Dangerous in your library.
  3. Select Elite Dangerous on the Steam Launcher.
  4. When the Elite Dangerous launcher is loaded, log in to your account if you aren't already logged in.
  5. On the launcher window you will notice several options; Elite Dangerous: Horizons, Elite Dangerous: Fleet Carriers Update Beta (Horizons), Elite Dangerous etc.
  6. Select Elite Dangerous: Fleet Carriers Update Beta (Horizons).
  7. Select launch.
  8. Start testing and have fun!
Does the beta affect the live game?
  • The beta Milky Way will be completely separate from the live game servers, and any progress you make in the beta will be lost at the end. What happens in beta, stays in beta!
  • The beta will appear and play very much like the existing live game, there won't be increased rates of earning credits, or reputation, or anything along those kind of lines.
  • ARX will be disabled in the beta server - balances will be zeroed, and no ARX will be gained for ingame actions. Links to the ARX store (where players purchase packs) will also be disabled.
  • Your beta account will be in the state of your live account taken as a snapshot from a certain time. In the case of this beta, Commander accounts will be in the state they were on 26 March.
For additional information, please check the following:
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